Digital PR

Press release creation and distribution to our database of editors, book bloggers, book reviewers and relevant media/news outlets. 

We create press releases, press packs and guest blog posts and share these with our affiliate blog, website and reviewer network.

We share any reviews, features, interviews and guest blogs gained across our network of affiliate social media profiles with a total reach of over 40,000.

  • Press release creation & distribution
  • We send this to our affiliate network of blogs, websites, editors and media
  • We send this to genre-specific bloggers, reviewers, website editors on our extensive database of over 3,000
  • We research other potential contacts to end it to – genre/industry specific contacts
  • We source reviews, features, interviews, guest blog spots on popular blogs from our affiliate network and growing genre-specific databases
  • All links are shared with our affiliate network of social media profiles with a reach of 40,000+
  • We have a strong Twitter affiliate network with a potential reach of over 15 million users

 The main goal here is to:

  1. Increase online exposure and visibility
  2. Enhance the ‘brand’ (of the author)
  3. Encourage sales


Social Media Marketing

Set-up and implementation, plus on-going use of the following social media platforms to reach out to targeted readers and build up a community of potential customers:  

Social Media Marketing

  • Building up a large fan base/community of potential and existing readers – fans of similar books, people who are interested in similar books/authors – these are the potential customers.
  • Consistently updating profiles with interesting, informative, and engaging content.
  • Engaging with potential fans and building relationships.
  • Interacting with fans/followers to give the accounts a human and personal element.
  • Social media is very much a person-to-person tool – engagement and interaction are a necessity.
  • Leveraging fans and followers interest and directing traffic to the website and any sales channels through sharing interesting, engaging content with inbound links.

Social PR:

  • Using social media to do some PR work online. Increasing exposure by interacting with popular, well-followed accounts.
  • The aim is to get involved in conversations with these accounts, get shares from them which ultimately increases exposure, boosts community size and leads to more website/sale channels traffic and sales.

Social Ad Spend management:

  • managing and monitoring social media advertising spend to maximise returns and assess viability in achieving objectives.


  • Providing monthly analytic reports on various factors (referral traffic generated, increases in community size, conversions).

Social media is a powerful tool for any author. We help them strengthen their social media presence and engage with potential readers.

The main aim of social media marketing is:

  1. Build a strong social media presence
  2. Build a large, targeted follower base
  3. Encourage people to visit the authors website/sales page