Tariq Chaudhry, author of historical fiction novel ‘The Queen of Sparta‘:

I have worked with Kris Barnes for six months. He publicized my novel, the Queen of Sparta and I have been very pleased with his outputs. He is a conscientious professional who delivers results. He is also very friendly and supportive with an exceptionally positive attitude. It has been a pleasure to work with Kris.

Brookyln Brayl, writer/performer/poet – ‘Dirty Beautiful Words’:Brooklyn Brayl Press BW

I highly recommend Kris and AuthorAMP. He has been crucial in the promotion and marketing of my first book, Dirty Beautiful Words. Before signing with him, the book was lost in the digital maze of Amazon. Once we started working together, the book was reviewed, mentioned, critiqued and recommended on national and international platforms as well as other media outlets (radio/print).

I even landed my first magazine cover, something that would not have been possible without Kris and his dedication to the project.

He knows what he’s doing and does it well, but more importantly, he enjoys and believes in helping talented writers and artists get the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

Jean Shorney, Crime Author of ‘Progeny of a Killer‘ and ‘Stalking Aidanphoto (4)

Kris Barnes has worked with me in promoting my novels for the past few weeks. Have to say that through Kris’ endeavours, my novel ‘Progeny of a Killer ‘ has been in the Amazon Terrorism thrillers bestsellers six times in  Top 100 Paid in Kindle.

I have used other publicists in the past. In the wake of the press release, I have had to send books to reviewers. None of which replied. Kris sends complimentary copies to be reviewed. He knows the contacts. I’m just the writer. I would certainly  recommend him if you want that book to get noticed.

Matthew Smith, Founder and Director at Urbane PublicationsIMG_0676

“Having been fortunate enough to work with Kris through his company Authoramp, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to every publisher and author that requires PR advice and support. Knowledgeable, innovative, client focused, and commercially aware, Kris gives every project individual attention and a tailored solution. The digital and social media space is incredibly difficult to engage with effectively, but I’ve never been less than impressed with the way Kris has built his approach around positive collaboration, partnerships and community engagement.”

Harry Freedman – Author of ‘The Talmud: A Biography’ (Bloomsbury)harry-freedman-image__main

“Kris has a great understanding of social media and is a highly effective book publicist. He gets reviews in places where most publicists fear to tread. Highly recommended!”

Andy Coffey – Author of the ‘Sacred Wind Trilogy’Andy Coffey - Viking 1

“I had the pleasure of working with Kris recently as part of the promotion for my creative project, Sacred Wind. His enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication really helped to gain exposure for the book, and his sense of humour ensured that he really bought into the whole concept! Kris also has an innate ability to think ‘outside of the box’, allowing him to rapidly decide the most appropriate tactics for individual promotions, plus his strong communication skills ensure that he engages both contacts and customers effectively.

I, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Kris to both aspiring and established authors who are seeking greater exposure for their books.”

Peter Anderson – Author of ‘The Unspeakable’Peter the Rock (2)

I am delighted and impressed by how smart (in the American sense), energetic and efficient you are at Authoramp.  In the “perfect storm” that has hit publishing, writers couldn’t ask for a better online promotional platform than the one you provide. “

“Kris Barnes is a highly active and committed publicist, working indefatigably to promote new fiction at a time of serious difficulty for authors seeking ways of drawing attention to their work in a hugely flooded market. Kris is not only a definite professional, he is also a kind and caring person. You won’t go wrong in choosing to entrust your novel to him.”

Hemmie Martin – Crime Author ‘In The Light of Madness’0

“Kris explores arenas I didn’t think of to promote my books. He is extremely knowledgable and friendly to work with. I also think that having Kris to liaise with Waterstones about book signings makes me look more professional; also he’s not shy as I am!
I’m so glad I found him, and plan to use him for my future releases.”

Susan Noon – Author of ‘Creaking Doors – Four Chilling TalesSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

“Kris has helped me to launch my first book on Amazon Kindle. He has been an enormous help in guiding me through the most effective ways of reaching a wider audience through social media. I’ve been very impressed with his friendly and attentive approach, with regular updates and advice. I would have no hesitation in using his services again.”

Elizabeth Housden – Romance Author, Housden Publishingphoto (7)

“Kris has been a huge help to me in starting to get my books to sell. He has great ideas at a reasonable cost. I will continue to use him.”

Kate Hardie – Author of ‘Can I Eat It? Gluten-free Family Cookbook’

“Kris offered a great service suitable for my budget and help gain book publicity worldwide.”

C.J. Underwood – Author of ‘An Army Of Judiths’

“Kris is a highly effective PR director, who has helped me enormously in setting up the publicity for my novel. I am indebted to him for to his skill and expertise in the field of book promotion.”

Sarah Hill – Children’s author and creator of the series ‘Whimsy Wood’ at Abela Publishing

“Kris Barnes did a phenomenal job on the social media pages for my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series of children’s books.

The number of followers on twitter and ‘likes’ on Facebook, dramatically increased over a short period of time. Kris is also really easy to work with. I was really pleased that Abela Publishing, that publish my children’s books, engaged Kris”

Dom Conlon – Author of ‘Tiny The Giant’, ‘Jetpack Journeys’

“Kris has been a huge help in shaping the early life of Inkology.co.uk into a platform where children can read stories and poems. His lateral thinking has been quick to react to the need to grow the audience and form partnerships.”

Brandon Christopher – Author of ‘The Job Pirate’

“Kris Barnes has really helped to bring my novel into many new avenues I never thought of, including social networks, blogs, literary sites, and more. He consistently comes up with new ideas, and I’m very fortunate to have worked with him.”

Robert Fabbri – Author of The Vespasian Series (Atlantic Books)be840a0ed89b0a22d17a62.L._V391395004_SL290_

“In just four months since Kris was employed by my publishers they have increased my weekly sales by almost 500% to well over a thousand books per week.”