We already have a large database of over 5,000 book bloggers and reviewers in many genres, but we are always looking for new contacts.

If you are a book reviewer and regularly love to post reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, please get in touch and let us know what genres (both fiction and non-fiction) you enjoy reading – we may just send you some FREE books to read (in exchange for an honest review, of course).

If you are a book blogger and have a blog you post book reviews, book features or author interviews on, please also get in touch. Let us know what book genres you blog about, what you post on your blog and if you are open to us sending you books to read and authors to interview. If you also allow guest bloggers, let us know!

If you would also like to guest blog on Authoramp, let us know…

So… if you are a book reviewer or book blogger fill out the form below today, give us some information on what genres you like and any other info… join the Authoramp family 🙂

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