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This document outlines how Authoramp can help authors achieve the following objectives:


  • Digital PR:
  • Create an informative, interesting and enticing press release for the book;
  • Send the press release out to our own database of editors, book bloggers and reviewers
  • Research and source relevant new contacts to send to: bloggers, reviewers, websites;
  • Encourage reviews, recommendations, interviews, guest blogs, and features;
  • Structure guest blogs and advise on content marketing methods;
  • Enhance the overall brand exposure for the author and their books and the whole brand
  • Social Media:
  • Create awareness through social media marketing;
  • Build up a large community/fan base of targeted readers on social media platforms;
  • Driving customers from social media platforms to the website and sales channels (e.g. Amazon, iBooks);
  • Leverage social media profiles to increase sales;
  • Monitor success and analysing results of campaigns.



At Authoramp we pride ourselves on giving our authors a good chance of success. We understand them and their books, helping them devise a strong marketing strategy and then implement this.


Authoramp are a specialist boutique book marketing agency, working with many authors, both self-published and published, and publishers in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Using a mixture of digital PR, social media, social PR, blogging and email marketing we devise and implement marketing strategies tailored to our author’s books in order to help them create, enhance and improve their online presence.

We help them connect and engage directly with existing and potential readers; build up a large community across various digital and social platforms; effectively promote and market themselves and their books; source reviews, features and interviews; and ultimately help them sell more books.

Here’s what some of our clients say:

Elizabeth Housden – Romance Author, Housden Publishing:

“Kris has been a huge help to me in starting to get my books to sell. He has great ideas at a reasonable cost. I will continue to use him.”

Peter Anderson – Author of ‘The Unspeakable’

“I am delighted and impressed by how smart, energetic and efficient you are at Authoramp. In the “perfect storm” that has hit publishing, writers couldn’t ask for a better online promotional platform than the one you provide. “

C.J. Underwood – Author, An Army Of Judiths:

“An excellent service, I am very happy with the results of Authoramp, and would recommend them to new authors who need to develop their books.”

Dom Conlon – Author of Children’s Books ‘Tiny The Giant’ and ‘Jetpack Journeys’, and owner of publishing platform www.inkology.co.uk:

“Kris has been a huge help in shaping the early life of Inkology.co.uk into a platform where children can read stories and poems. His lateral thinking has been quick to react to the need to grow the audience and form partnerships.”

Brandon Christopher – Author of The Job Pirate:

“Kris Barnes has really helped to bring my novel into many new avenues I never thought of, including social networks, blogs, literary sites, and more. He consistently comes up with new ideas, and I’m very fortunate to have worked with him.”

Kate Hardie – Author of ‘Can I Eat It? Gluten-free Family Cookbook’:

“Kris offered a great service suitable for my budget and help gain book publicity worldwide.”


Digital PR

Press release creation and distribution to our database of editors, book bloggers, book reviewers and relevant media/news outlets.

We will create an enticing and informative press release outlining information about the book. Sending this out to editors, bloggers and reviewers, we will aim to get reviews, recommendations, features, interviews and guest blog posts. This will be a targeted, not blanket approach, and we will research and find specific sources to send it to.

Guest blog posts will be created on relevant topics to drive further traffic. Content must be created in a contagious fashion and we will assist with this concept.

This will help to increase online exposure by planting seeds of information and links across the internet about the author and the book, boosting their profile and increasing awareness.

We create press releases, press packs, blog posts and share these with our affiliate blog, website and reviewer network. We share any reviews, features, interviews and guest blogs gained across our network of affiliate social media profiles with a total reach of over 40,000.


  • Press release creation & distribution
  • We send this to our affiliate network of blogs
  • We send this to genre-specific bloggers, reviewers, website editors on our extensive database of over 3,000
  • We research other potential contacts to end it to – genre/industry specific contacts
  • We source reviews, features, interviews, guest blog spots on popular blogs from our affiliate network and growing genre-specific databases
  • All links are shared with our affiliate network of social media profiles with a reach of 40,000+
  • We have a strong Twitter affiliate network with a potential reach of over 9 million users


The main goal here is to:


  1. Increase online exposure and visibility
  2. Enhance the ‘brand’ (of the author)
  3. Encourage sales



Social Media Marketing


Set-up and implementation, plus on-going use of the following social media platforms to reach out to targeted readers and build up a community of potential customers:


Facebook: Posting content, fan increase, ad management & Social PR

Twitter: Update scheduling, follower increase (400 followers per month, engagement & Social PR       

Google+: Social content created, fan increase, community engagement, social PR     

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Building up a large fan base/community of potential and existing readers – fans of similar books, people who are interested in similar books/authors – these are the potential customers.
  • Consistently updating profiles with interesting, informative, and engaging content.
  • Engaging with potential fans and building relationships.
  • Interacting with fans/followers to give the accounts a human and personal element.
  • Social media is very much a person-to-person tool – engagement and interaction are a necessity.
  • Leveraging fans and followers interest and directing traffic to the website and any sales channels through sharing interesting, engaging content with inbound links.
  • Social PR:
  • Using social media to do some PR work online. Increasing exposure by interacting with popular, well-followed accounts.
  • The aim is to get involved in conversations with these accounts, get shares from them which ultimately increases exposure, boosts community size and leads to more website/sale channels traffic and sales.
  • Social Ad Spend management:
  • managing and monitoring social media advertising spend to maximise returns and assess viability in achieving objectives.
  • Analytics:
  • Providing monthly analytic reports on various factors (referral traffic generated, increases in community size, conversions).


Social media is a powerful tool for any author. We help them strengthen their social media presence and engage with potential readers.


The main aim of social media marketing is:


  1. Build a strong social media presence
  2. Build a large, targeted follower base
  3. Encourage people to visit the authors website/sales page


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