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    …then we have the book for you.

    Thailand is an amazing country, with so many friendly people, amazing food and the most beautiful scenery in the world. But retiring there comes with its challenges.

    ‘The Retire in Thailand Handbook’ by Gerald Hogg is designed to help you navigate your way through the problems and ease your way to the retirement you always dreamt of…

    “My first six months in Thailand were frustrating. When I dreamed about retiring in Thailand, I thought that when I arrived I would get my retirement visa, rent a condo, buy a vehicle and then spend my time exploring my new country, going to the beach, going out for meals and meeting new friends. Unfortunately, reality took over and I spent most of my time dealing with Thai bureaucracy and trying to sort out the endless problems that arise when moving to a new country. Back in Australia, I already had a visa, my own house, my own car, medical insurance, driving license, bank accounts, credit rating, doctor and dentist. Moving to another country, I was more or less starting my life over and I needed to establish myself within the Thai system. Government, banking, medical, everything that was part of my everyday life at home, I had to re-create in Thailand.

    Hopefully, this book will give you the information you need to avoid most of the problems that I had, and allow you to retire to this wonderful country with confidence and assurance as well as saving you time, money and your sanity. I wish I had been able to read this book before I left Australia.” Gerald Hogg.

    This book will help you through the Thai government system and the obsession it has with paperwork, which you will have to deal with regularly if you intend to make Thailand your new home in retirement. Other important topics this book covers include:

    • What to bring and what not to bring to Thailand with you?
    • How to apply for a retirement visa from your own country?
    • How to apply for a retirement visa from within Thailand?
    • How to open a Thai bank account?
    • Transferring your pension to your new Thailand bank to avoid bank fees.
    • How to buy a motor vehicle?
    • How to apply for a Thai driving license?
    • How to rent a condo, villa or a house?
    • How to buy property in Thailand?
    • How to obtain suitable medical insurance cover?
    • Healthcare and dental costs.
    • Best retirement locations within Thailand.
    • Advice for single retirees.
    • Budgeting advice.
    • Helpful tips and ideas when moving to Thailand.
    • Useful websites for living in Thailand.

    If you would like a copy of this book to review on your website, blog or in the media please email Authoramp.

    Or, if you are thinking of retiring to the ‘Land of Smiles’ you can purchase it now from Amazon:

    Gerald Hogg is originally from the UK and migrated to Australia in 1974. Gerald has traveled the world working on cruise ships, Antarctic supply ships, custom patrol vessels, rig tenders, and oil tankers. In the capacity of his work as a chef, he has also lived in Jamaica, Bermuda, Singapore, the Falkland Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and the USA. He has now retired to Thailand where he lives in Phuket and travels extensively throughout SE Asia.


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