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    ‘Echoes Of My Heart’ by Darrell M Davis is a collection of poems that cover topics and themes of love, joy, pain, heartbreak, social commentary and everything in between. They deliver a romantic, spiritual and positive message to the reader, often with a rhythm and always with heart.

    The poet, Darrell, has been writing for over 40 years and has finally put this collection together, in the hope that it resonates with readers, from whatever walk of life. Darrell wants to give people hope, joy and a positive light through his poems, and this collection of 85 poems certainly does that.

    “When I was asked to write a brief description of my book, I realised that poetry has been my constant companion. I have used poetry as a means of expressing my joy, heartache and pain; not to mention my dreams and my hopes. 

    I also realised that my book is semi-autobiographical as the poems relate to real life experiences. 

    I have used poetry to give voice to my soul; to sing praises to the Glory of God. I also use poetry to pay tribute to women and to the “beauty of womanhood”, so naturally there are a few “love poems” included. 

    When I write poetry, I don’t “think write” I write what flows from within, so the pages and poems herein truly are, the “Echoes of My Heart”.”

    The book is available to purchase from Amazon in paperback and ebook.

    We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book. 

    Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy.


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