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    For anyone interested in reading 20th century history, and fascinating real-life autobiographies, you will find Kathleen Copcutt’s memoir a real treat. At the age of 92 she recently released her book ‘Yer Never Knows Wot’s Anging ‘Til It Drops!’

    These memories, starting from my birth in 1926, were written in response to young people asking for the portrayal of a working teenager in WWII London, and whether there was a social life; then, ‘What happened after your flight to South Africa, aged 20, in a converted Lancaster bomber? The story continues to the present day and, throughout it all, my love of family, music, animals and their welfare is evident. On my return to England in 1960, now with husband and son, we visited a lovely, feisty cockney lady in Essex, whose husband had died suddenly. She warned us, “Yer never knows wot’s ‘anging ’til it drops!” Hence the title of this book. She proved right, because you don’t, do you?” Kathleen Copcutt (now 92 years)

    The book is available to purchase now on Amazon at this link.

    Some early reviews:

    Jaxsie: Loved this book it was like sitting at grans knee while she reminisced about her life. I loved the honesty and humour of her adventures. Having worked in South Africa myself I understood a lot of what was described although many decades later, as the South Africans like to talk about their past and how things have changed since Apartheid. Kathleen spent many years on this book and I am honoured that I was given a chance to share her story.
    Amazon customer: A charming memoir of a truly charming lady. This book provided an interesting insight to life during WW2 and beyond. Written with wit and spirit, I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt like I was getting to know this remarkable lady.
    Genevieve Cox: A poignant, moving tale of a woman during the war. Written in a witty, relatable narrative voice which creates a fun and engaging persona who the reader can experience joy, loss, excitement and fear through…a wonderful wartime book! With educational snippets amidst a very personal tale, told from the hindsight of a truly brave lady, I would definitely recommend this to those seeking a witty, war narrative with a sense of seriousness yet humour entwined!


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