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    21 year-old Tazeen Shaikh has recently released her debut fiction novel ‘The Fire You Don’t See’, that deals with issues of bullying and mental illness.

    The story focuses on aspects that are most often not visible to the world and revolves around two young women – one suffering from a mental illness and another who is a victim of bullying. While on individual quests to protect their sanity, they come across one another and things begin to take an interesting turn.

    “I drew inspiration from the experiences of living with a mental illness, and being a victim of bullying, to create a story that would possibly resonate with a lot of people, and also shine some hope into their lives.”

    Tazeen Shaikh

    The story has a lot of ups and downs, it has points where the characters hit their all-time lows, it has laughter, love, friendship, and most importantly, the story is structured realistically, so that people can relate to it.


    Cover of “The Fire You Don’t See”

    A twenty-one year old Indian girl, Eira, is trying her best to get through life in Dubai as a regular college student. But her deteriorating mental health, along with the loss of her roommate and best-friend, has ignited a ceaseless fire within her.

    However, her life suddenly begins to change by the entry of Aehyun, a transfer student from South Korea who has a struggle of her own.

    These young women of two different countries yet similar spirits, brought together by fate, find friendship in the midst of chaos.

    Will this friendship sweep the ashes from their past? Or will it bury the two under them forever?

    Author Tazeen Shaikh

    Tazeen Shaikh was born in Mumbai and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is currently back to her roots in Mumbai as a student of dentistry. Merging the journey to becoming a doctor with that of being a writer, she believes to be walking along the lines of Bruce Wayne; commoner by day, Batman by night. She writes about unspoken realities and misunderstood circumstances. Apart from writing a book, she often writes poetry. Her parallel experiences allow her to switch from dental instruments and a lab-coat to pages and a keyboard.

    Follow her on Instagram @tazeen__shaikh and Twitter @tazeen_shaikh14

    The book is available to purchase from Amazon. We have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book. Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy.


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