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    Veronica Plumbe has released a children’s book (aimed at ages 8-10) that both entertains and educates in equal measure.

    ‘My name is Happiness’ is the heart-warming story of a warthog piglet who learns about poaching the hard way and determines to help put an end to it. This vivid drama will engage children but it also highlights the importance of wildlife conservation, hopefully inspiring the next generation to protect the future of the many endangered animals in Africa, and worldwide.

    Veronica became fascinated with African wildlife as a small child. Her parents lived in Kenya when she was a baby and the stories they told her of the Mau Mau uprising, of exotic pets and seeing big game roaming freely in large numbers all made a deep and lasting impression.

    Recently she took her family on safari at the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, and coming in to land on the dirt runway she witnessed a journey of giraffe strolling elegantly alongside the airstrip with an entire family of warthogs scampering between their legs. It was at that moment she started to jot down notes for this book, and when she learned that her guide’s daughter was named Happiness her little heroine was born.

    “I hope you enjoy this magical book as much as I did!” Georgina Lamb – Head of Programmes & Policy DSWF.

    Book cover for ‘My Name is Happiness’

    ‘My name is Happiness’

    Happiness, our heroine, is a warthog piglet; clever, caring and courageous. She lives on a game reserve in Africa and is the narrator of our tale.

    Happiness is out one day with her family when her brother is snatched by a lioness, and in the ensuing panic to escape the same fate she is caught in a poacher’s trap. Her human friend Peter, the Head Ranger, rescues her and takes her back to his animal sanctuary to recuperate.

    At Weaver House Animal Sanctuary Happiness makes many wild and wonderful friends and when she learns that some of them have lost loved ones to poachers she is determined to help put an end to this cruel practice.

    She concocts two wildly imaginative schemes and with the help of her new friends and a full moon she sets out on her daring mission.

    Even little warthogs can change the world…

    The book is proud to support and be endorsed by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF)

    The book is available to purchase now from Amazon.  We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book.

    Veronica Plumbe

    Author Veronica Plumbe

    Veronica studied at The London College of Fashion graduating with Distinction and after a short spell working for a top British milliner decided on a path in Haute Couture. She designed for a specialist fashion house in Knightsbridge and on the owner’s retirement continued to design under her own label.

    When expecting her first child she decided to close the business down and focus on her family, still finding time to do various charitable works, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (reaching the top on Christmas Day 1995) to raise funds for Anti-Slavery International. She recalls that when first landing on African soil she felt as if she had come home.

    Veronica has just returned from another safari where she was privileged to observe rhino, leopard, cheetah and wild dogs. Her party was asked not to put the whereabouts of these endangered species on social media in order to protect them from poaching.

    She and her husband divide their time between London and their farmhouse on Exmoor.

    The book is available to purchase now from Amazon.  

    We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book.

    Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy.


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