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    The Secret of the Crystal Mace was written totally by accident, due to a sensational but emotional moment of inspiration by the author when he kissed his mother on the cheek to say his final goodbye, sadly when she had just passed away.

    From that moment on his life changed forever, as message after message dropped into his head like a letter dropping into a letterbox at the appropriate times, for exactly one year.

    John would simply write down what was being relayed to him, which in the end formed the main structure and content of the book.

    There is no doubt in John’s mind, that his mother was the inspirational person relaying to him chapter after chapter of ‘The Secret of the Crystal Mace.’ More info on the book….

    J.J. McIvor – The Secret of the Crystal Mace

    Book cover of ‘The Secret of The Crystal Mace’ by J.J. McIvor

    Telepathic Jason and his four best friends set off on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling billions of miles in only a few moments to reach the distant world of Gregorias.

    After a generous welcome by the overlord Mardoom, they leave on their quest. Mardoom’s son has been entrusted to show them around the eight planets that orbit Gregorias. All except one that is.

    The Planet of Darkness is where the tyrant Badaggro has been banished to for eternity. He lives there in a Slavecock-guarded fortress with his wicked wife Eviltos. They rule by fear, pain, starvation and the monster cat- and dog-headed Badaggrocats. But Sandra makes a huge mistake in the travel chamber, and all five are captured on the dark planet, now totally at the mercy of Badaggro.

    Who has the power to save them?

    Will Jason be able to keep a vital secret?

    Read on if you dare and seek out, ‘The Secret of the Crystal Mace’.

    The book is available to pre-order now on Amazon.

    We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book.

    Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy.

    About me…

    Author J.J. McIvor

    My name is John Mcivor. I am Scottish and come from a little but beautiful ex mining village in Lochore Fife. I have 2 grown up children laura and Andrew and I live with my partner Belinda. We live in Arbroath Bonnie Scotland.

    I am a Health Physicist and I work in Essex but have worked all over the United Kingdom and abroad. My hobbies are golf, swimming, walking and of course writing.


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