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    Jake’s life is a mess. His completely ordinary school day had escalated to a deathly supernatural fight with his Maths teacher, which had destroyed over a half of his school.

    Cover for “The Return of The Time Traveller”

    Following the events of his adventure back (and forward!) in time Jake finds himself in a brand new journey crammed with near-death experiences and life-changing challenges. But this is not another time-travelling adventure. Instead, he encounters a world of extraordinary mythical creatures in an extraordinary land ruled by wizards.

    But there is something wrong in the magical land of Weileron. Jake finds himself in the middle of a destructive civil war. Darkness is rising, threatening to destroy the whole land… and possibly even the whole world. Accompanied by his faithful but hilarious friends, Joey and Duke, Jake must journey to face the darkest foe the world has ever seen. A foe capable of death with a mere strike of his fist. Enter Darvius.

    …readers will be captivated by the intriguing tale of time-travel and magic that he weaves with wonderfully crafted, vivid prose.

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    Lohan Wijerathne is a 14-year-old author living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Despite his age, he has been an author for over four years!

    He began writing at the mere age of 9, where he wrote numerous short stories just as an after-school hobby. He always loved the freedom he had whenever he wrote any of his stories, as well as the fact that he could let his imagination run wild. This hobby soon escalated into a determination to become an actual author, resulting in his first book being published on his tenth birthday. His second book, The Time Traveller’s Tale, was published when he was 12. His third and latest book, The Return Of The Time Traveller, is the sequel to his second book. His books are available on famous platforms online, including Amazon. His book is sold locally by one of the most prominent publishers in Sri Lanka.

    Apart from his love for writing, Lohan also enjoys taking part in Model UN and drama, and is a member of the Pinnacle Gavel Club (a Toastmasters Club) and his school choir. In his leisure time he also plays cricket and basketball. He is an eager student, who always aims for academic success. He also recently created a website, a forum to help numerous youth internationally develop into talented authors through writing (see http://www.lohanslw.com for further information).


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