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    Victorian London, 1895….Henrietta Jones is about to snap!

    Wild and unmanageable, “Harry” runs away to buy a horseless carriage and a pair of red buttoned up boots. She instantly dislikes an arrogant American, and when she can’t intimidate him, she falls in love with his automobile, needles him, taunts him, flaunts her ice maiden look until he is driven mad, and then plots to straighten his nose.

    The first Henrietta Jones was blessed with a daughter who has grown up to be more extreme and full of the devil than anyone else in Victorian England. After being ridiculously trained to cheat at life and kill men with two fingers she rebels. She’s had enough.

    But somebody wants Joshua dead. She discovers a murderous scheme to destroy England, and upsets the beautiful but brutal red-lipped cigarette-smoking Magda von Uxhuell-GIllenband, who tries to seduce Joshua and then tries to kill him.

    She postpones plans to turn wild, to unravel automobile murders, a deadly secret treaty, and save a stupid boy. She seems to be England’s top spy but nobody has told her. She becomes a brilliant detective but steals the evidence. She enters the first London to Brighton Automobile Race, and fights a femme fatale in the last duel in Hyde Park.

    Only Harry can save the country from chaos, but can Joshua stand the pace?  And how will she fix that infuriating broken nose!

    Henrietta Jones: The Boy With The Broken Nose is available to purchase now on Amazon.

    We have copies available for anyone who would like to review the book or interview the author. Email [email protected] if you would like a copy.

    C.S.T. Harding grew up on the western slopes of the Malvern Hills, and then experimented with computers and banking before settling down to write novels about outrageous women in Victorian England.

    Author CST Harding

    He spends his time split between Sevenoaks and Bath, where he does much of his writing on a narrowboat with the help of the odd glass of wine. History has always been his first love. He took a degree in archaeology, and has travelled widely with a particular fascination for historical sites. A high spot was Everest Base-camp.

    His other love is romance and has always preferred heroines with attitude. He became an author partly to write about rebellious girls who can change the world in outrageous plots, and women who can burn a path through life and hang the consequences.


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