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    A novel by esteemed African journalist, broadcaster, writer, civil servant, teacher and former Nigerian presidential assistant has been released called ‘Yunhouse – Assorted Tales About The Africa’. The book aims to bring more awareness and acknowledgement of the so-called ‘Pacification of The Natives’ at the Berlin Conference in 1884.

    Yunhouse – Assorted London Tales About The Africa by Ad’Obe Obe

    In German city representatives of major European nations gathered around a giant map of the continent of Africa for the biggest imperialistic banquet in the history of mankind. Slices of the Dark Continent were served out to satisfy imperial hunger for territories – The Scramble For Africa – that had reached fever pitch.

    There is no record of any Africans’ presence at the Berlin Conference. Nor any evidence that Africans were ever informed or knew about the meeting. In fact, Africans got to know about the carve-up of their continent when Europeans turned up on their homelands with all manner of ploys to assert and claim the territorial possessions as apportioned in Berlin. The process was called The Pacification Of The Natives.

    Through his fictional account set in London in the 1970’s, Ad’Obe’s story is centred around the formation ‘Yunhouse’, founded by Africans whose personal experience of The Pacification Of The Natives is the Europeanisation of their minds through European education.

    Foundation inhabitants of Yunhouse identify themselves as a generation of Africans born within blood-letting distance of The Great Berlin Carve-up. They are all students in London. They feel united by the uniqueness of being in London where they have insider perspective of the machinations of The Pacification Of The Natives: the conception, the design and the execution of colonial subjugation of their continent and its peoples. They form themselves into The Berliner Cult (their motto: “We shall never be pacified!”)

    The story is strongly depicted by the characters and underlines the impacts of colonialism and issues of racism, and the effect that this ‘Pacification Of The Natives’ still has to this day.

    “The message in this book is very simple – We, as Africans, were very much affected by the consequences of colonialism and it has affected us much more than any of us are aware of. If you go back to the origin you begin to see why so many things don’t add up. Our destiny was hijacked and through the process of colonialism we were pushed off our natural right to determine our own destiny.” 

    Ad’Obe Obe, Author.

    In this novel Ad’ Obe Obe tries to interrogate the past, Africa’s past, especially her stake at one of the most dubious stakeholders’ banquets of all time called the Berlin Conference of 1884.” 

    Salamatu Sule.

    http://yunhouse.co.uk is a website to dedicated to live debate on the relevance of the Berlin Conference for modern day Africa and African peoples.

    The book is available to purchase now via Amazon. We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book.

    Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy.


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