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    This book is about the harrowing, personal and first-hand experiences of the 1960-80s childcare system.

    It highlights the brutally horrific system, that made countless victims of the very children it was designed to protect. These brutally horrific regimes, founded upon extraordinary levels of inhumanity, cruelty, violence, fear, and intimidation, brought children to their knees, brutalised, cowed and often in fear for their very existence.

    It was a stark, depressive, and oppressively dysfunctional system, that imposed perpetual physical suffering and mental hardship, upon its most vulnerable charges. It was a pernicious cycle of ritualised systematic abuse, inflicted on some of the most vulnerable children society could offer up.

    “The book was written and designed to shed light on the abuses of the past, put the present into context, and inform the delivery of care in the future.” Snowball..

    This was the environment that the ‘Unfortunates’ found themselves embedded in during the 1960s. It was a system that lacked care, thought, and all things humane. A system where the imposition of brutal physical and sexual abuse had become normalised, legitimised, embraced and ultimately, forcefully accepted. This was life in a local authority home.

    These were the homes of ‘the Damned’, where a catalogue of daily horrors were inflicted for the personal pleasure of those charged with the care of this hidden, and often forgotten, sub-culture of children who, through no fault of their own, were forced to embrace these traumas, and endure a fight for their very survival.

    “One of the most emotional journeys you will ever take with a child who survives unbelievable childhood adversity. it truly is a tribute to the child and the man who wrote it.” Amanda Knowles.                                                                                     

    “All workers in the child protection industry across the world should have to read Oi, You F*cker as part of their training and professional development.” Dr Dee Michell.

    About Snowball.

    A well-travelled, intelligent, self-employed purveyor of life.  Snowball a former soldier and firefighter, survived the hardships, rigours and brutality of 1960-1970s childcare, to become a successful, respected member of the very society that had so brutally rejected him.  

    Dedicated to the protection of children in the childcare system, snowball has now embarked on speaking engagements around the country, in order to ensure that the lessons of the past, are used to inform the practices of the future.  

    An inspirational, humorous and often witty character, snowball brings a radiant light into the darkest areas of historical abuse within the childcare system.

    The book is available to purchase now via Amazon. We also have a limited number of review copies available to people in exchange for a review, media interview or feature about the book.

    Please email[email protected] if you would like to request a copy.


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