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    When iLK’s dad, BiLK, gets tired of ruling over such a useless planet, he leaves it to his son to look after.

    As the new “Emperor of the World”, iLK needs to learn about Earth and figure out how to make some important decisions regarding its fate.

    At an age where children are learning about different points of views and about taking responsibility, this book aims to not just extol the virtues of doing the right thing, but also asks why one would and what that choice involves.

    A little message from the creator…

    About me, Andrew Hammond. I’m the creator (author AND illustrator)…

    That’s me…

    I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator in London for the past 9 years. As a freelancer I’ve had the time to learn and develop a host of skills when I’m not working. I’ve performed stand up, produced videos and develop a startup (which ended). However, most importantly, I’ve been writing.

    I studied film and television production at University where I specialised in screenwriting. This is where I developed a love for character development and story structure. Since then I’ve wanted to combine writing and illustrating to tell stories.

    I started with the medium that lent itself mostly natural to this combination and began making comics. Over time I developed my own style of storytelling using words and pictures and honed in on who my audience was.

    I love writing for kids and illustrated novels are a great way to engage reluctant readers, (which I was too as a child). However, I also think this unique medium comes with a host of other benefits in the way it brings a story to life and opens up a world of exciting and interesting characters.

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    Advance Review Copies are available. Please email [email protected] to request a copy in exchange for an honest review, blog feature or interview with Andrew.

    The book will be released on November 15th…


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