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    The opportunities for writing a book are now more prevalent, and easy, than ever. eReaders, online marketplaces and vanity publishers make self-publishing an obvious, and often preferred, route for writers wanting to release a book.

    It recently emerged that 1 in 3 ebooks sold on Amazon are self-published, which shows the desirability and opportunities available.

    So, this got us thinking, what are the main benefits of self-publishing, as opposed to attempting the traditional route?

    Below are 6 reasons to self-publish, feel free to add yours in the comments section!

    1. Time

    By self-publishing you can eliminate the sometimes timely production cycles of traditional publishers. You could effectively write, format and release your own book within a matter of weeks or months.

    With traditional publishers, it can sometimes takes a year or longer to get approvals, edits, designs, proofs and a release date.

    Self-publishing offers you a quick and easy route to releasing a book and start building up your reputation.

    2. Ownership and profits

    Traditional publishers often retain the rights to the book you release with them.  By self-publishing, you can keep all the rights.

    Likewise, by self-publishing you have the chance to earn far higher royalties (often 40%+) as opposed to 5-20% from traditional publishers. If your self-pubished book takes off and starts selling fast, this will gain the attention of publishers and also give you a strong bargaining position.

    3. Niche

    Publishers will often disregard books that are too specialist and niche. But often niche markets are good ones to focus on. By self-publishing you can write about a subject that is as niche and specialist as you want.

    4. Story

    Publishers often try to influence the direction of a book, and ‘suggest’ edits that deviate from the original story or context desired. By self-publishing, you can stay true to your original story or theme, without compromise.

    5. Design

    You get more input on the book design, both for the cover design, and internal design/layout.

    6. Passion

    By self-publishing, you may want to write and release your book for the love of the subject, to show your passion for a particular subject. You may want to release a book for friends or family, or share your knowledge about a niche.  Publishers will only be interested in what sells and makes money. But self-publishing can be about more than earning money, it can be about expressing yourself.

    As you can see, there are obvious benefits to self-publishing. It has opened up a world of opportunities for writers and aspiring writers.

    While the benefits of a publisher are still huge, self-publishing is a viable and sometimes appealing alternative.

    Self-publishing and releasing a hit book, that sells thousands (possibly millions) will undoubtedly attract attention from publishers, so it’s often a good option to take. It helps you perfect your art, build up a portfolio, expand your online presence and brand image, and ultimately become a better and more successful writer.

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