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    From poor immigrant to wealthy citizen in leafy, Georgian, Cheltenham. Loving father, successful businessman, magistrate, Tariq Hashmi has it all…. But the skeleton in his cupboard wants out.

    A clandestine message reminds him how, long ago, he signed a binding pact with Gaddafi’s deadly intelligence networks. Now he is forced to turn his hand against a Britain he has come to love.

    Before he has time to react, unseen hands snatch his most precious possession. He senses a terrible blow is about to be struck and many will die. But he doesn’t know where or when the killers will strike.

    Fearful of the authorities and desperate to get ahead of his adversaries, Hash turns to the only people he can trust, his Muslim friends and a convicted IRA killer. 

    Review Copies are available – please email [email protected] if you would like a copy in exchange for an honest review, feature, or author interview.

    The author served in the Royal Green Jackets and 22 SAS before leaving the British Army to command a Regiment of Omani Special Forces. His military adventures took him all over the world then led him to swap rifle for camera and keep on shooting. He has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen but now lives quietly in Gloucestershire.

    This book is available to purchase now from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.


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