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    The Magic Canopy.

    The pretty village of Durnley in southern England is situated amid rolling countryside far from the clamour of modernity.

    The residents enjoy their quiet lives in a village centred upon the church or their gardens where there is no murder, no crime and no disturbances except that of the heart; one where love wafts among the balmy breeze around the Downs and pining lovers resolve their dilemmas to find contentment beneath a magic canopy of peace and tranquillity.

    ‘The Magic Canopy’ will be available to purchase in paperback on November 14th

    About me, the author…

    I lived in Germany for four years where I was Manager of Reporting for a multinational American manufacturing group. On return to the UK, I became financial controller for a German manufacturer of electrical products. In addition to my native English, I speak both German (fluently) and French (less so) and live with my French wife in Buckinghamshire. My interests lie in classical music, particularly opera, socialising with neighbours and writing and translation.

    I have created several web sites including English Usage and poetry (http://www.poemswithoutfrontiers.com) presents poems in their original text of English, French and German together with my translations of each into the other two languages in order to bring poetry to a wider audience. The site consists of several hundred poems by European poets, including a selection of my own works. The site is visited by over 8000 readers per month.  I am occasionally asked for permissions (always granted) for inclusion of my translations in CD or concert programmes.

    I have published four Kindle books of poetry on Amazon. “A Tribute to my Muse” and “Visions and Illusions” contain 40 and 30 original poems respectively. Two collections of French and German poems in: “101 French Poems” and “150 German Poems” contain original texts each of which is followed by my translation into English.

    The Magic Canopy is a book written in response to an example set by a neighbour, also an author. The content is in reaction to the obsession with the double and triple murders that seem regularly to feature in the current, unhealthy mode of entertainment. My book returns to the subject of life and its challenges rather than to death and its morbidity.

    ‘The Magic Canopy’ will be available to purchase in paperback on November 14th.

    If you would like more information about this book, interview the author, or request an advance copy to review, please contact us

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