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    Are we all mere accidents of nature as atheistic scientists insist, based on what they consider to be incontrovertible evidence? Do we have no spiritual purpose in life?

    Between his twenties and 2011, the author believed the atheistic scientists were very probably right.  Leave questions about spiritual life to airy-fairy spiritualists, he thought.  The problems of our material survival on earth and providing for our families is more than enough for us to cope with.  Let’s just concentrate on getting on with it.

    Was this a short-sighted view?

    In 2011, at the age of 78, for reasons described in his book ‘Life Goes On’, due to be published in September 2017, his opinion began to change.  He is now convinced that humankind was, indeed, a creation of ‘God’, ‘Allah’, the Divine One by whatever name may be appropriate – let’s say ‘DO’ (which avoids questions of him, her, etc.) and pronounce ‘DO’ as ‘dough’, like the beginning note of a musical scale

    If the author is right, and we are all, thus, DO’s children, why are we here?  Why are we not giving, whole-heartedly, to DO, our universal God, and each other, the love which DO has been giving to each of us, since before DO started the creation of our universe billions of years ago, with the purpose of evolving, in material form, humankind in DO’s spiritual image.

    Why should the reader of the author’s book pay any attention to his thoughts?  Is he a celebrity? No.  Does he have a brilliant mind? No.  Does he have charisma, wealth, power, or charm?  No, not to his or the reader’s knowledge.  He is like the rest of us, ordinary.  Why, then?

    It is not the author who matters, but the importance of the message that his book conveys.

    A solicitor by profession, by the Seventies, the author had become a specialist in civil engineering disputes, mainly defending people and firms accused of negligence in litigation and arbitration.  Later, he became a founding member, secretary, and later Chairman, of the London Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and in 2000, Master of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators.  In disputes in which he became involved in all these capacities, he required disputants and their experts for whom he acted to treat him as a totally ignorant simpleton.

    The author’s experience led him not to believe experts, even those who were engaged to represent his own clients, until their views were cross-examined and explained to him in plain terms.  It surprised him to learn how often simple errors which had mistakenly become long- acknowledged truths were ignored, and were thus perpetuated, unquestioned.

    Have our atheistic scientists been similarly blinded?  His book concludes that they have.

    The author is now aged 84, failing in memory, suffering from reactivated Prostate Cancer, and with a wife, over 13 years younger than him, for whom he is the sole carer, suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Read the book to find out why the views of the author and other ordinary humans like most of us deserve and need, urgently, to be expressed and heard, and all our own experiences and opinions awakened, on these most important questions.

    The views of us all matter.  Details of your own life’s material and spiritual journey, to be sent to me by email to [email protected] would be much appreciated


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