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    Self-published authors – this is a great time of the year to sell more books. People are not only looking for gifts to buy friends or family, they have more time off work to relax and read.

    With an effective strategy, you can maximise your exposure, get more reviews, coverage and sell more of your wonderful books this festive period.

    Here is my top tip for self-published authors trying to cut through the noise.


    As an author, you should be blogging. Fact.

    Your books should be your focus, this is true, but you need to write outside of this and blog to your audience in between your book releases. This will keep them engaged and eager for your next book.

    If you are a fiction writer, write about your genre – what inspires you, what other books you are reading, review other books in your genre, interview authors you look up to, blog about other influences on your work.

    The more you build your brand by engaging your fan base more often and more personally, the easier your on-going book marketing and promotion will be for future releases.

    Build your email list via your blog, and send out monthly emails to them with your latest blog posts, reviews and book releases.

    We will be doing a weekly tip for authors on the Authoramp blog, so keep an eye out!


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