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    Uncontrived and intimate encounters with animals truly in the wild are the stuff of dreams.

    Join Nicolette Scourse in travels off-the-beaten-track to seven evocative islands and a shore where the reality is brought vividly to life in ‘Wild Encounters – Try Not to Smile‘.

    From Scotland to Micronesia meet animals above, below and by the sea, and some special people. Jump overboard to play at the invitation of dolphins; drift in a galaxy of jellyfish; walk among shells discarded by Viking traders; or spend nights in a bird city that never sleeps.may-16th-025

    With her scientific and behavioural background Nicolette unravels strange worlds and the unexpected links where animals and humans meet.

    With her eye for detail and vibrant words and drawings even the mundane lugworm becomes very special.

    But beautiful destinations are not always paradise and she also gives a gripping account of a super typhoon on a small Pacific island.

    “An Australian upbringing changed my life and indirectly spawned ‘Wild Encounters – Try Not To Smile’. I was caught by the last world polio epidemic and was paralysed in plaster for over a year, fortunately lying outdoors in a large suburban garden mown by two sheep. Australia is a country where wildlife, friendly and venomous, abounds everywhere. Lying there, how could I not develop a passion for the living world?”

    b0002714Nicolette Scourse was brought up in Australia where wildlife and beaches became part of her life; ever since she has passed on her passion for animals and plants in wild places through lecturing, teaching, writing and creating ceramics.

     She is the author of The Victorians and their Flowers. For nineteen years she was a children’s Wildlife Watch Leader. Her mobility on land is limited, but her late discovery of the wet suit and snorkel brought the opportunity for animal encounters in the one place where wild creatures remain largely unafraid of humans – the sea.

    She studied Zoology at Nottingham and has a PhD in Animal Behaviour from Cambridge.


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