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    Aidan McRaney is trying to stay away from his shadier past in this James Bond style thriller, but the offer of fifteen thousand pounds from Agency boss Nick Lombardi is too good to pass up. Lombardi needs someone to infiltrate the lair of ‘The Widow’.

    No agent has survived previous missions and Lombardi believes it’s McRaney’s knowledge of the criminal underworld that will give him the edge. An arms dealer, The Widow is in league with the L.A. Mafia and has bought a house on a remote island off the Cornish coast, far enough away from the mainland where the arms can be both smuggled and tested. When Don Giorgio Avonicci arrives, accompanied by his female bodyguard, McRaney finds it’s not just the weapons being tested but his commitment to his wife in London.


    This is the fourth book in the Aidan McRaney series which began with his release from prison in the book Stalking Aidan.

    J. M. Shorney — About meimg_0059

    I live in  Thatcham in West Berkshire, recently retired as a part time housekeeper in a residential Care Home for the elderly with dementia. I have two sons, plus a granddaughter who is studying dance choreography at University.

    I have published several books, mostly crime and political thrillers as this is my preferred genre. Now that I’ve retired, I can concentrate on my writing. My hobbies are walking and collecting  old gangster and supernatural movies from the forties, fifties and sixties. My books are written  in the perspective of the criminal,  delving into their minds – what makes them tick as it were. Writing in the first person POV, as I have done in the  Aidan McRaney novels, I take on the persona of a 33 year old man, which is far more exciting than being a retired lady with dodgy knees.

    For my previous Aidan McRaney story, ‘Progeny Of A Killer’, I needed to absorb the atmosphere of Dublin’s Kilmainham gaol, which features in the book and is described by one of my characters as a place of awe and sadness, so visited this place. It was exactly what I needed to capture the foreboding chill that is almost a character in its own right. 

    Having dated a criminal in my dim and distant past, I find there is something deliciously exciting, yet alternatively dangerous, in writing about these kind of protagonists.

    Most of my books  are heavily  Irish influenced, stemming  from my study of Irish history, and the  novels of Jack Higgins.  His protagonist, Martin Fallon, in ‘A Prayer For The Dying’ has I suppose indirectly played a part in influencing my own character of Aidan McRaney. I love writing for the anti-hero. Essentially a good guy, but with an element of wickedness running through him.


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  • Connie Parrott wrote on October 22, 2016 at 1:45 // Reply

    J.M. Shorney, I swear you’ve been reincarnated, and that in a former life you WERE a 33-year-old man involved in a gangster life! You’ve nailed the thoughts and physical desires of such a man. Your first person POV brings the main character Aidan McRaney to life in incredibly suspenseful situations with terse, blunt dialogue. I’ve read all four books in the Aidan McRaney crime thriller series, and pray that you will gift us with many more. A retired lady with dodgy knees? I don’t think so! I’m convinced you are secretly a young, hot-blooded male writer with boatloads of talent. Continue on with your disguise, but please keep the books coming, especially the ones with Aidan McRaney as the leading character. He’s to die for, IMHO.


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