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    From the Ashes of Strife by Iraj Sarfeh.

    Ten-year-old Sohrab Vessali and his parents escape the violence of Iran’s Islamic Revolution to live in America.

    As the years pass and anti-Iranian sentiment soars, the bullying and taunting at school leave Sohrab confused and aimless.

    He becomes alienated from his domineering father, a former general in the Shah’s army determined to initiate a counterrevolution. But Sohrab’s wounds of alienation melt away when his father secretly returns to Iran and disappears.

    Have the mullahs imprisoned or executed him?

    Sohrab is obsessed to discover his father’s fate, hoping he is still alive so that they can undo the hurts of their turbulent past.

    He looks to Emily Clarke, an Iranian-born nurse who places her love and faith in him and helps him in the perilous quest.

    About me, the author…

    After devoting thirty years to surgery, all of them at universities, I needed a rest and a change. Practicing medicine was gratifying, but it deprived me of life experiences outside hospitals and clinics and operating rooms. Write, my children said, because you’re a great story maker-upper. So I made up stories and published them. The first six were medical fiction, in the thriller or mystery or suspense genre with emphasis on surgeons whose characters are shaped by their profession.The next two, which are yet to be published, are of the literary fiction genre, stories in which I drew on my experiences as not only a surgeon, but as a person from Iran who lived away from home most of his life and who as a youngster suffered the barbs of prejudice.


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