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    A best-selling German author with more than 60 titles published in 11 countries and sales of more than 3 million, Pierre Franckh is set to target the UK and US markets with the English language release of his best-selling book The Desire Code via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

    Pierre has decided to move away from traditional publishing with this release, preferring to harness the power of a community of people who want to encourage a positive shift in collective self-improvement.

    325,000 people have successfully changed their lives as a result of The Desire Code and also through his work as a motivational coach and inspirational speaker. Through releasing the personal development book in English, Pierre is hoping to also transform the lives of people in the UK and US.

    In The Desire Code Pierre shows his 7 Keys to fulfilling your wishes for success, wealth and happiness. Pierre reveals proven techniques that combine science and psychology to enable people to have all that they want – a new car, a big house, the love of their life or almost anything else.

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    Pierre wants people to learn how to create a happier, more satisfying life by mastering the power of creative thinking:

    “This is for anyone who has a deep, burning desire and wants to change something about their life. Anyone who is stuck with negative self-talk, feels unhappy and has low self-esteem. Anyone who, like me, has struggled inside with negative emotions, feeling disconnected with the world and has the feeling that they didn’t belong here. I was stuck there 25 years ago, and then I made an important and radical decision and asked myself one question: How can I be truly happy? The answers I got showed me the way out of it, and I am proof that change is possible.”

    What people will get in this book:

    • How to implement these keys in your everyday life
    • How to overcome obstacles
    • How to free yourself from limiting beliefs
    • How to change your perception, so you actually see the chances you get
    • Seven easy-to-learn tools to powerfully deal with any difficulties that life might throw at you
    • An understanding of how you can create your own new reality
    • A guide – how you get started
    • Everything from how to begin to how to boost your chances of possibilities
    • Evidence of how this way of thinking actually – incredibly – works
    • Why your mind needs convincing
    • How to life a happier life

    Pierre has decided to take the self-publishing route and he is crowdfunding the book via Kickstarter: “We want you to connect with like-minded people in our growing movement. We want to spread our message so that more and more people can live the life they want and deserve. By backing this project, you’ll be on the way to changing your life – and other people’s, too.”

    If you want to join and grow this community of like-minded people, and in turn improve your life, please help by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

    For more information, please visit:

    http://www.thedesirecodebook.com/ or www.Pierre-Franckh.com

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