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    Welcome to Mrs Tempest’s Marriage Bureau, where no eccentricity is too eccentric, where surely nobody is unmarryable. This is the story of one deluded woman’s determination to bring an old-fashioned match-making service to a collection of oddballs and misfits. But Mrs Tempest has her work cut out for her and there’s disaster lurking around every corner, not least when her own heart is in the mix.

    A romantic comedy for the unromantic, for those less concerned with penetrative sex and far more into penetrating wit.


    What readers are saying:

    “I loved this book – at the same time a delightfully diverting story but also a witty and intelligent commentary on love and marriage in the modern world.” Olivia Knight.

    “A friend recommended this book to me as she loved it and I have to say so did I! It made me smile, shed the odd tear and was wonderful escapism.” Rosalind Huisch.

    “A very clever, witty book which had me laughing out loud. Now looking forward to “An evening with the Dymond sisters.” Vanda.

    “What a little gem! This was a delight to read. It is good old-fashioned comic writing for the intelligent reader.” Susan Llewelyn.


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