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    The Karma & Diamonds Trilogy
    A gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents & lifetimes
    “Eat Pray Love” meets “Da Vinci Code”

    Karma & Diamonds is a gripping journey of Self-discovery – a quest of enlightenment – across continents and lifetimes.

    Moon_Child_Front_Cover_FINAL large-2In Book 1, “Moon Child”, just after she faces possibility of sudden death, the seven year old Smita has a mystical experience and discovers her inner Self, which calls her “Inner Diamond”. Later it will help her through other traumatic situations and ultimately, blossom and thrive.

    Aged ten, she comes with her parents to the UK. Growing into a vibrant adolescent, she is confronted with the heart-wrenching challenge of balancing traditional Indian culture and modern-day London.
    Amidst rejection, heartbreak, loneliness and the struggle to start a career, determined to make life work, this young woman battles against all odds to find her place in the world, both physically and spiritually.
    However, will dramatic revelations in Book 2, “Web of Karma” about her lives long past finally free her to be happy or destroy her? Will a life-threatening illness in Book 3, “Diamond Revealed” bring her quest to a premature end?

    The trilogy chronicles the struggles of a woman who courageously conquers the challenges life throws at her. Smita’s vivid creative memoir of her troubled and brave childhood in India, adolescence in London and her remarkable journeys as an adult through holy sites and ashrams, illustrates the things that keep us from of being happy and experiencing fulfilment but more importantly, she shows how to access the power that s within us to be victorious over our circumstances. We learn how the happiness and fulfilment we seek are much closer to home than we think.

    In a roller coaster storyline packed with travel, action, humour, profound emotion and romance, Smita tells the universal story of each of our heroic journey home to our true Selves.

    Across continents and lifetimes, she encourages us to trust our inner voice, so we can heal, find more peace and happiness, and to find out who we truly are.

    The sages of India, for thousands of years, have talked about the existence of Atman, the inner Self.

    In Karma & Diamonds, Smita is exceptional in showing, through her life’s battles, how the inner Self can, in a practical and simple way, guide and enrich everyone’s daily life in this hectic and stressful
    21st century.

    Book 1 has already received a raft of 5 star reviews on Amazon that all say the same thing: “Can’t put it down once I’ve started…”, “…was constantly moved to tears of laughter and sadness…”, “…the book changed my outlook on life…”. See a copy of the reviews attached in this document.

    Books 2 and 3 will be launched in the next months.

    More information can be found on www.Karma-and-Diamonds.com

    About the author – Smita Joshi

    1b75c8cc8c3814ed812652128905dfc2A British Indian, Smita was born in Gujarat, India. She has worked as a business executive selling multi-million dollar contracts to well-known global companies and has been one of the pioneers in bringing India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European companies.

    She is also a freelance TV presenter who has interviewed leading gurus, entrepreneurs and politicians. She is a life coach and certified yoga instructor. Some of her YouTube videos have close to 150,000 views. For more information, go to www.karma-and-diamonds.com.


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