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    US based boyband LoveBoyz tragically lost their lives in a midnight chainsaw romp in New York yesterday evening. The Los Angeles based God-loving band were on their summer tour when a yet to be identified assailant entered their hotel room at around 11:15 pm under the false pretence of being a member of the band’s church congregation.

    Sources say the band were indulging in illegal substances accompanied by a large number of minors with hotel staff rejecting any responsibility, stating that the band clearly issued authorisation from the room.

    Hotel residents claimed the noise from the slaughter was not dissimilar to a ‘horror movie’, the band’s screams heard some three floors above.

    Detective Kirk Coolidge of the New York Police Department was put on record saying that there was no connection between this incident and recent events surrounding the British based boyband Coastal Love.

    Bored by the monotony of his daily routine and disillusioned by society’s social degradation, Paton Stipps is another lost soul amongst London’s faceless workforce.

    Another day means another fresh round of frustrations until Paton is semi-wittingly thrust into the world of celebrity where a series of fanatical and fantastical encounters set him on a path that will change everything.

    Throw in Coastal Love, the hottest new boyband on the scene, and the recipe turns to murder.

    Your complete guide to the methodical and sequential extraction of the phenomenon we’ve all come not to understand…Boybands.

    Can you feel it?

    About Jason…

    How to Murder a Boyband is Jason Roche’s debut full- length novel. His short story ‘The Garden’ was published in 1993 and received several literary accolades.

    After early literary success including winning the Alan Paton Creative Writing competition and publication by several national newspapers, his career self-yanked tangentially in another direction. The result has been to embark on a ‘soft’ launch for this novel – consciously omitting to tell family and friends with concerns that this will provide tangible evidence that there is something seriously wrong with him.

    Elucidating that an overactive imagination with some white-knuckle, cheek-biting, buttocks-clenching, bottom-teeth-baring induced scenes, characters and narrative of a more ‘extreme’ ilk written during his twenties represented the ramblings of an all-round decent fellow (yawn), seemed a tougher sell than unleashing How to Murder a Boyband on an unsuspecting world seeking a good story.

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