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    The Goddess is Our Highest Self. She is the Creator and the Universe Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Infinite… and when she speaks, she heals.

    In this book you will find a collection of affirmative verses designed to effect deep and powerful healing whenever spoken or read. A daily reading of this text is meant to invoke the highest possible healing there can be.


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    ISBN-10: 1511810181 | ISBN-13: 978-1511810180 | ASIN: B00ZZRONNS

    Swati Prakash – Founder of Global Wicca

    Swati Prakash is the founder of Global Wicca Tradition and heads its Earth Healing Temple. She has developed and authored the three year Global Wicca course spanning over 22 subjects including Healing Rituals and Spells, Tarot, Astrology and Past Life Therapy and has initiated many seekers into her spiritual system.

    Swati was self-initiated into the realms of divination, magick and transformation at the age of 10 in Delhi when she spontaneously started working with spells, Wiccan rituals and horoscopes, a skill inherited from her past lives. Swati gained degrees in Psychology and Masters in Management at Mumbai, while simultaneously gaining degrees of MD in Alternative Medicine, Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapist, Applied Vedic Astrology, Master of Reiki and Wicca degrees. After spending over six years heading a placement and communication consultancy while juggling her time as President of Tarot India Network, in 2008, Swati began Magick, the first Wiccan and magickal store in India, so that she could dedicate herself full time in the spiritual field.

    Swati was the presenter and spiritual healer on UTV in The Chair – India’s First paranormal reality show on national television, where she attempted for the first time to heal spirits in India’s most haunted locations. She has been presenting tarot on broadcast media and has been featured in several television stories that cover rare and mystical subjects and personalities. She has written regular columns on Tarot, spiritual advise and Astrology for various periodicals. Swati has presented over the last several years, various seminars and workshops for groups and institutes using guided meditation and visualization to create a shift in consciousness. She is distinguished to be the first tarot expert in India to create an Asian Tarot deck of 22 Major Arcana cards based on Literature for the Museum of Tarots in Italy, in a collaboration of 22 Tarot artists from India for the Museum of Tarots in Italy, and has also featured in the book ‘In the Court of Trumps’ Volume I – published by The Ministry for Culture and Arts – Rome. Swati has also headed the India division of Witchschool International, the world’s leading online Wiccan school, for several years before moving to UK.

    According to Swati, “A spiritual search is not aimed at distancing ourselves from the outside world. It helps us recognize our life as a gift, to live in complete awareness and to create a more positive and happier reality. We must realize that destiny is not created by forces outside us. We are constantly influencing our life and there lives a beautiful ‘witch’ or magickal person within each one of us.”

    Swati has recently authored The Global Wicca Revolution, The Goddess Speaks and Yes, You Are a Witch –all available internationally to raise awareness about Wicca and witchcraft.





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