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    Dev has just unwrapped his favourite birthday present…a cool new kite! But how will he learn how to fly it?

    By going to one of the largest kite festivals in the world, of course! Ollie, his magical bedtime owl, knows just the place in Gujarat, INDIA.

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    Dev has just unwrapped his favourite birthday present…a cool new kite! But there’s a problem. He doesn’t know how to fly it! Grandpa claims to be an expert and promises to teach Dev tomorrow but Dev is too impatient.

    Ollie, Dev’s magical bedtime owl, comes to the rescue. Together they set off on an action packed journey to one of the largest kite festivals in the world in Gujarat, India.

    The pleasure of kite flying doesn’t come easy though. Along the way, he encounters a couple of mishaps and a few bumps on the head. To his surprise, Dev has to work hard to get his hands on a kite and learn the skill of kite flying.

    Finally, fighting through all the hurdles, Dev emerges victorious. When he returns back home in the morning, he beats Grandpa at his own game!

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    Shweta Aggarwal – About me and why I wrote Kite Crazy

    I created Dev and Ollie following a ‘light bulb’ moment at a festival in Watford, England.unnamed

    Indian by origin and having grown up in Japan, I now live in England with my family. My upbringing has been that of a global citizen. And after having children, I am keen for my children to be global citizens while also to be proud of their own culture and heritage.

    As a mother of two young children and a British Indian, I’m forever exploring ways to impart cultural knowledge to them. Also, my children are avid readers and adding variety to their bookshelf is something I actively work on.

    My mission is for children not just to be reading well, but to be well read. I’ve seen children learn rapidly if they relate to the characters in a book. That’s how Dev and Ollie came about. Dev, a cheeky, curious and sometimes clumsy boy and Ollie his magical bedtime cuddly owl are two characters with universal appeal.

    What sparked their conception was an Indian cultural festival experience in England. Festivals evoke the best of any culture! Colour, noise, excitement, adventure, family, laughter – all are perfect ingredients for children’s stories.

    During my time in India from 1995 to 1999 for my undergraduate degree in computer science, I traveled extensively within India. That’s when I experienced an array of amazing festivals.

    Kite Crazy is about one such experience. One of my most cherished memories is the annual kite festival in Gujarat, India…flying kites on the rooftop with cousins from dawn till dusk. Food, drinks, piles of kites, everything would be planned for. We’d fight to have a go (because we had fewer kites remaining than the number of cousins!). Then seconds later, we’d be ganging up and competing against others on neighbouring roof terraces.

    After 3 picture book writing courses, a year researching various festivals, writing, then re-writing many stories and finding a fantastic illustrator in India, Kite Crazy was finally launched in April 2015.

    I’m working on many more Dev and Ollie books to be released soon, not just about festivals in India, but unique festivals around the world that haven’t been discovered on an international level…festivals that children will love to read about! In fact, I’ve had tremendous fun researching such festivals, so much so that my bucket list now includes some of them (Tomatina Festival in Spain and Snow & Ice Festival in China)!

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    The book is available to buy NOW from Amazon:

    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Dev and Ollie Press Release


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