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    Sometimes the only choice is an escape to perdition….. Out June 30th!

    Prague 2015. Herbert Biely, aged hero of the Prague Spring, stands on the brink of an historic victory, poised to reunite the Czech and Slovak Republics twenty-six years after the Velvet Revolution. The imminent Czech elections are the final stage in realising his dream of reunification, but other parties have their own agendas and plans for the fate of the region. A shadowy collective, masked as an innocuous European Union Institute, will do anything to preserve the status quo.

    Institute operative Peter Lowe’s mission is to prevent reunification by the most dra9781909273795-185x285stic of measures. Yet Peter is not all that he seems – a deeply troubled man, desperate to escape the past, his resentment towards himself, his assignment and his superiors deepens as he questions not just the cause, but his growing feelings for the mission target.

    As alliances shift and the election countdown begins, Prague becomes the focal point for intrigue on an international scale. The body count rises, options fade, and Peter’s path to redemption is clouded in a maelstrom of love, deception and murder – can he confront his past to save the future?

    Escape to Perdition is the debut novel from author James Silvester and will be published in paperback in June 2015.

    photo1-225x300James Silvester is an HR professional and former Mod DJ for internet radio, with a neglected talent for the harmonica. He first began writing during his University days, re-discovering his passion for storytelling after delving into the rich history of Eastern Europe.

    First and foremost he is a proud Dad of two wonderful kids and is likely an infuriating husband. When not writing, James is happiest not acting his age with his children.

    Escape to Perdition is out on June 30th via Urbane Publications.

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