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    Summer Book Portfolio!

    Here is our latest selection of books!
    Contact us if you would like a copy of any of them in exchange for a review or feature on your blog.
    We also welcome any interviews and guest blogging opportunities!

    Fiction | Post-Apocalyptic | Sci-Fi
    The world we know is gone. On a post apocalyptic Earth, centuries into the future, few have survived the great war. They have taken refuge deep inside a mountain. One of them, Willem, is exiled.Struggling to survive, alone, Willem embarks on an epic journey, making a discovery that could alter the future of humanity, once again.

    Non-Fiction | Business

    Can you embody leadership through meetings? Can you innovate effectively through meetings? Is creativity evolved in meetings? Mote is that better meeting and a life-changing way forward. When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to business success. Empower people, inspire innovation, promote productivity, and mote your way to your business goals. Mote is business process re-engineering.

    Mote can transform YOUR business.


    Children’s Fiction
    ‘Posie Pixie And The Pancakes’ brings us to the end of this 1st super set of 7 books in the wondrous, multi-award-winning ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series.
    ‘Posie Pixie’ has been on so many exciting adventures already! So let us know if you’d like to review this one for us!
    Historical Fiction
    The Sword and Scabbard: Thieves and Thugs and the Bloody Massacre in Boston brings the period to life in a fast-paced tale using real and fictional characters who experience the social and political conflicts from a different point of view.
    Fiction | LGBT
    The HomePort Journals is a love story on many different levels: love between men, love across the divides of age and social status, love of the family we create for ourselves, and the sometimes arduous struggle to love one’s self.
    Young Adult | Fantasy
    Tom Allenby’s second incredible adventure in the village of Rooksbourne begins when he discovers that a girl called Ellie appears to share his powers of controlling the elements- but is she a friend or a threat?
    Horror | Dark Thriller
    A tense tale of gothic horror – not for the faint-hearted.Freya Monroe used to be part of a circle that engaged in the occult, but has turned her back on it. However the circle are determined to bring her back into the fold, to use her powers for their means, including resurrecting their leader from the dead.The group will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and Freya must call on all her resources to resist the power of evil. But will it be enough?


    Contemporary Fiction | Romance

    Beauty, Love and Justice is Alcina Faraday’s compelling debut novel, an emotive tale of love, ambition, honesty and deceit.

    This is a stunning debut novel from author Alcina Faraday, uniquely international in style and structure, with characters that will stay with you long after the final page.


    Non-Fiction | Business

    Following the success of his previous book The Commando Way, Damian McKinney delves deeper into the links and lessons of achieving high performance in the military and business worlds.

    Drawing on his own experience as a Royal Marine and as a highly successful international business consultant, McKinney writes about the values of being a Marine that have served him well in his commercial life.


    Children’s Fiction | YA | Adventure
    Jack Delaney and his sidekick, Mo (Moses) Dhlamini, prosecute in both smugglers and poachers in court, and in their free time they track kidnappers and escaped prisoners across South Africa’s bushveldt often in the Big 5 Game Reserves. Visits to a gang leader in Prison and clashes with mob hit-men are all part of a day’s action.
    Fiction | Thriller
    ‘Righteous Release’ follows the events in the life of a young man banished from an extreme evangelical denomination he was born and raised in. The story show how David, the protagonist, struggles to come to terms with the mysteries of the real world.
      I WANT A COPY!

    Romance | Suspense


    Tabloid publisher Nicholas Beck is usually the one reporting lurid headlines and bad behaviour.  His wife’s murder, however, turns the tables on him, and Nick finds himself the target of a police investigation, while his name is the one making headlines.  Broken-hearted, under suspicion and determined to clear his name, Nick seeks solace in the arms of beautiful photographer Jamie Jennings.  Either she will be the answer to everything wrong in his life, or the biggest mistake he’s made yet.


    Non-Fiction – Memoir

    Emmanuel Ndawula is a retired Microbiologist and musician.  This autobiography covers Emmanuel’s early life in Uganda and gives an account of more than 30 years as a consultant microbiologist in the NHS in the UK.


    Crime | Thriller

    Aidan McRaney is forced to confront a past he never knew existed


    Undercover agent and assassin, Aidan McRaney is sent to infiltrate the lair of fellow Irishman, Daniel Corrigan, by his boss, wheelchair -bound Sir George Treveleyan. Only Corrigan and Treveleyan know of McRaney’s secret past. Aidan has no idea of his mother’s affair with wanted I.R.A man, Connor McMartland, who was also Corrigan’s father. It is this which triggers a chain of unprecedented events.


    If you want a copy of any of the above books please let us know!!>> EMAIL US HERE <<



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