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    Below is a guest article from a good friend of Authoramp, Rob Illidge. Rob is a digital marketing consultant based in Manchester and works with some well known brands and businesses. So if any SME’s, businesses, startups or brands are reading this, then get in touch with him!
    This article highlights an interesting Twitter campaign that publishing behemoth Penguin Books launched on the run-up to Mother’s Day. Whether this choice of wording was intentional or not… we’ll let you decide… enjoy!

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching, many brands are utilising social media channels to create conversations, engage with consumers and promote products.

    One of those brands is Penguin Books, who yesterday asked Twitter users to tell them what they planned to buy for their mother this Sunday using #YourMum, in return for gift advice. What could possibly go wrong?

    Surely a social media manager with even the thickest of rose-tinted glasses could have predicted how this was going to play out. And if so, did it pay off?

    One thing is for sure, if you give Twitter users an inch, they’ll do more than take a mile. And so it began…here are a couple of the SFW responses using the hashtag:

    It wasn’t long before Penguin ‘understood’ things were not going to plan (or were they?) and twenty three minutes after the original tweet, posted this response:

    The debate, and jokes are ongoing and can be found here, potentially NSFW.

    In the last 24 hours there has been over 500 posts using the hashtag, a reach of over 3m and 9m impressions.

    It’s certainly a good example of why social media strategies are important, and why campaigns using hashtags should be discussed, planned and managed.

    Whether intentional or not, it has people talking, the brand is getting exposure (some say for the wrong reasons), and we’re now all thinking about books, and of course, #YourMum.


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