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    To celebrate International Women’s Day 2015 we wanted to highlight an important book that aims to encourage women to follow their dreams and careers abroad.

    Moving Without Shaking by serial expat and technology professional Yelena Parker is the ultimate expat guide for women.

    The book helps inspire those who may be thinking about moving and living abroad, or already do so, by giving them invaluable advice and success stories, taking them through every aspect of expat life and helping answer questions such as “What do I need to do to brave leaving home and leap into life abroad?” Empowering female expats all around the world…0bac3fe

    Yelena was recently featured in an excellent article in the Telegraph (read the article here) which explains why she decided to write the book.

    The book is receiving great reviews, such as this one on the prominent expat and travel website Internations.org (read the review here), expat blog Auckward, the Expat Everyday websiteReaders Favourite, and has a lot of fantastic reviews on Amazon:

    “A thought provoking, insightful, helpful guide that raises crucial questions the reader may not have considered.”

    “This Is an inspiring and easy read for those who are starting their expat journey. The book offers a fresh perspective on challenges expats face and practical advise on how to challenge them. You will find it different from manifesto-like Lean In and male-dominated books on expats.”

    “Don’t move without reading this book.”

    “It is a “must read” for any woman (and indeed man!) who wants to break out of existing cultural or geographical boundaries.”

    “A thoroughly entertaining read and a perfect example of what can be achieved for those who are determined to make the move.”

    “Yelena provides a unique perspective of how she was able to move to different countries to not only increase her education but also her global knowledge.”

    “This book can help any person inhale a deep breath, feel assured, and take that exciting risk they’ve been wanting to pursue!”

    … and MANY more!!

    The Book is now available for just £0.99 on Kindle for the next week to celebrate International Women’s Day 2015.  So go grab your copy now! Visit Yelena’s website



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