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    Akiti the hunter is riveting and exciting tale that will leave you at the edge of your seat page by page.

    With amazing and colourful illustrations and a heartfelt message, this book is sure to warm your heart and lead the mind to a world of imagination. Witness the power of his Magical dust that can transform you into any animal in the kingdom of the forest, and experience his lyrical song that is bound to uplift and empower the young reader.Akiti Promo Pic2

    Take a journey with us as we explore the world of AKITI the Hunter, the first African Action Hero.

    More from the publisher Abela Publishing here.

    Excerpt from AKITI THE HUNTER

    The BIG ELEPHANT, powerful in strength and greater in height the greatest animal known for trampling over anyone who stands in his way, was ready for a competitive match himself.

    One day, the elephant hearing news from land, about a great warrior who called himself Akiti, the King of the Forest and all the land, felt compelled to test his strength with this worthy opponent. The Elephant sought him out, and declared a challenge.

    I am the greatest animal in all the forest, who dares compare his strength to mine will be defeated in battle at once, He declared to the land. Go and bring back Akiti, let him know that I am declaring a battle to prove to the kingdom of the forest, that I the great BIG ELEPHANT, I am indeed the strongest and mightiest warrior of all the land.

    So off they went to inform Akiti of the declaration of battle. Akiti, after receiving the news took on the challenge at once.

    About the Author

    Bolaji Ajayi (Denise Williams)

    Becoming a mother and founder of the Working Moms in 20s organization, youDenise HandS are forced to view things from a different perspective through the eyes of your child and many parents. I found myself and many other parents could not provide an explanation to our children, why most of the superheroes on their favorite television stations and story books did not resemble their Fathers, Uncles, Big Brothers, Grandfathers, or themselves.

    To my knowledge there has never been an action hero represented from an African descent in any major motion animated picture, childrens book or comic books. Then the idea bulb went off in my head. I decided to create real a action hero derived from African folklores to add an element of reality to the action figure AKITI THE HUNTER. It worked! I saw this was my opportunity to speak to every child in the world. Any child that may feel underrepresented on book shelves or television programining from all across the world. This book was made just for you. You too, are heroic with super strengths and magical powers.

    My hope is that AKITI THE HUNTER can make a positive impression on how young boys and girls from around the world view themselves. They also deserve to be celebrated, immortalized, and represented in a positive light. AKITI THE HUNTER presents a great opportunity to not only give my child a fictional animated hero, but also to other children across the globe.

    I am interested to see how this can have a positive psychological effect in our children and their perception of self. I look forward to the day, when young boys and girls, start to view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. In my household, it is safe to say that everyone looks like and can identify with AKITI THE HUNTER and that has made a difference for us.

    • A 42 page, color, hardback book
    • The moral of the story is, to always believe in yourself, no matter how great your opponents may be
    • Children – Read as much as you can, and never stop reading and training your mind
    • 10% of the Author’s royalty is donated to charity
    • Printed to ISO specification from Sustainable Forests and with a Chain of Custody Certification
    • Click to view ebook version of this book


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