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    Once a generation, two children are born whose destiny it is to share the wisdom of Dragons with Mankind.  Bridget and Kai were both born with a star-shaped birthmark, and find themselves in Dragonsreach caring for a nest of Royal Dragon Eggs.

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    There is talk of a Prophecy where Dragons rule the skies and Mankind’s faith in Magic is restored, but when disaster strikes the dragon eggs are lost and the children are separated. The outlook is bleak.

    Only if Bridget and Kai can meet again, the dragon eggs found and the Iron Queen defeated – can the prophecy be fulfilled. 

    About the Author

    As a girl, Hannah wanted to be a knight. She would spend many an hour1531876_10152404897455913_1837767590061226803_o on the backs of ponies or chasing boys with her pink She-Ra sword and telling her friends stories of magical lands. Her teachers thought that creativity should be put to good use. She travelled the world with a Choir meeting royalty and presidents from far away places. She was always in school plays and appeared on TV aged 9 and many more times after that.

    Passionate about justice, her first published work was featured in an anthology for International Womens Day.  Hannah studied law and gained a 1st class, and was called to the Bar after receiving a full scholarship and supported many disabled people to assert their rights. A real life knight!

    But then one day, quite out of the blue and during a very difficult year, she started dreaming of Dragons. Before long she had written a whole book about them.

    Hannah Byrnes:

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    Some recent reviews!

    “I was really impressed with this story as the pace and description of the places, action but mostly the characters kept those I read it to on edge of their seats. You could relate to the struggles of the Dragon Children as they came to terms with their roles, and their own fears to overcome obstacles to protect the dragon eggs in their charge. Each page seemed to be like a storyboard for a new film that CGI could have a field day with. The way the author wrote about the dragon world but centred on the present day was thought provoking. Each character leapt of the page that engaged the reader and you wanted to know a bit more. If Hanna Byrnes looked at the stars and followed her dream/destiny to write this book, her first book I believe, then she is on a winner. When I last checked the book was No 1 in kindle, so others might agree. I am not a professional reviewer, just a Father with a daughter that already loves the book.” Alfred Smith.

    “When this magical book takes off, this magical book full of fantasy and venture it’s not inconceivable but a believable book with magic and fantasy and fun will go to a place that brings it to children in need. Make-A-wish Foundation.” Brittany Perez.


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