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    A unique new self-development text that will give you six easy steps to ‘getting more’ from your life.

    Life is not about how much time we spend together. It is how many moments we create with each other. We all strive to ‘get more’ from life, but do we even know what that more is, let alone how to ge9781909273931t it?

    Using the unique 6Ps System, performance expert Christian Marcolli takes you from adequate to astounding in easy to follow and practical steps, changing your life for the better, and helping you engage more positively with those you interact with. Passion, Precision, Perception, Peace, Presence are all vital elements in the system that will allow you to truly develop positive change in your life – while giving you the focus to rediscover the real you. Packed with simple but effective tips, as well as a genuine awareness of the role others, from family to colleagues, play in your life, this is a book about performance in the real world. Whatever you want to get more of, More Life, Please! is your essential route to achieving it.

    Dr Christian Marcolli is a world-class expert on sustainable high performance, coaching executives and business leaders, market-leading brands and elite athletes all arfoto_ch_marcolliound the world to achieve outstanding results. One of his highest profile clients is tennis star Roger Federer. In the media he has been called “one of the greatest experts of teams” and “the secret behind the success of the sport stars.” His clients are the global market leaders of today – and tomorrow. He is the founder and owner of Marcolli Executive Excellence, a specialized, boutique-style management consulting firm focused on fostering personal leadership excellence, driving team effectiveness and creating organizational health. Since 1997, Christian has successfully helped individuals, teams and entire organizations around the globe to accomplish peak performance, resulting in incomparable long-term, sustainable success. In the media, his work has been described as “an experience that will stay with you for life.”

    More Life Please! – 978-1909273931, £12.99, pbk, 224pp, March 2015

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