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    When you have a condition that’s causing you concern, you want the fastest possible diagnosis and treatment. If there’s a real problem, the sooner you can get treatment the better; if there’s nothing to worry about, then speedy diagnosis saves stress and anxiety and lets you get on with your life.

    By using iPhone photography, you can speed up the process in a number of ways.

    1. Providing information about how the condition has developed – If you take photographs when you first see symptoms and then use the iphone camera to document what happens, you will be able to show the your doctor a full history of the condition. This detail will help the doctor make the right diagnosis from the start, saving you time and worry.
    1. Recording episodes/events of a disease – Not every condition shows itself when you visit the doctor. It can be very hard to explain exactly what’s going on when you are trying to describe episodes and events from memory. If there are photos or videos, the doctor can see firsthand. This makes it much easier for them to understand the condition, make an accurate diagnosis, and organize the best treatment faster.
    2. During emergencies – In critical situations, every second counts. Photos sent from the scene can prepare medical teams so they have the right people and facilities in place ready for the patient’s arrival. Photos can also help hospital specialists give advice to those on-site about the best immediate treatment.
    3. Sharing images for an online or tele-consultation – Online or phone consultations can be a huge time saver, cutting out both travelling time and time sitting in waiting rooms. If the doctor can see what they need to see from photos and talk to you at the same time, then a face-to-face consultation may well be unnecessary.
    4. Accessing specialists – If the first doctor you see decides specialist advice is needed, they can immediately send the photo on to the relevant people. Rather than you having to wait for an appointment with a specialist – who may then refer you on to a different specialist, with yet more waiting – your case can be reviewed by several medical experts simultaneously.
    5. Follow up – Once you have had condition diagnosed and treatment prescribed, then iPhone photos can save the need to spend time visiting the doctor again for check-ups.  Take a good quality photo, and send it to the doctor, and they will be able to see whether treatment is going according to plan.  Only if they see a problem will they then need to call you in again.

    Talk to your doctor about using photos

    An iPhone is a hugely valuable time-saving tool – but smartphone medical photography isn’t yet part of most doctors’ routine practice. It’s well worth having a talk to your doctor therefore about how you can use photos to help him or her!

    For more information on how your iPhone can be used as a valuable healthcare tool, buy the book ‘iPhone Medical Photography‘ by Dr. Zameel Panthakkalakath.




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