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    Written for both patients and doctors, “iPhone Medical Photography” is the first book to cover the use of iPhone photography in a medical context. Easy to understand and full of practical tips, the book explains how today’s technology makes it possible for anyone to take smartphone photos that will speed up diagnoses, improve care, and save time and money.

    Where medical photography was once a very specialist area of healthcare, ordinary people now have the tools not only to take high quality photos bk1right2but also to share them across the world in seconds. “iPhone Medical Photography” encourages both patients and doctors to use this new technology in a wide range of different scenarios.

    Readers will learn how to go beyond point and shoot, so they can capture exactly what doctors need to see. With the resulting images, patients can get answers faster and cut down on the need for trips to the doctor. There are valuable insights for medical professionals, who can use iPhone photography to reach more patients, improve diagnoses, connect teams together, and access specialist expertise more quickly. In addition, emergency responders will also find the information extremely useful in helping them liaise effectively with hospital teams and get trauma victims the right care faster.

    Author Dr Zameel Panthakkalakath is a healthcare entrepreneur passionate about the need to improve healthcare delivery systems around the world.

    “I wrote iPhone Medical Photography in response to the urgent need for innovation in healthcare delivery,” he says. “Currently, we’re seeing ever-increasing spending on healthcare but ever-poorer value for money. It’s vital to find ways to improve care and make resources go further, and smartphones and smartphone cameras have a huge role to play. We now have the technology to share images and information instantly with almost anyone, anywhere. If we use this well, then both patients and doctors will see huge benefits.”

    The book includes sections on using iPhone photography for both remote and face-to-face consultations; on the medically approved way to pose patients for different types of shots, and what to consider when storing and sending medical photos. Those unfamiliar with using the iPhone camera will also find step-by-step advice on how to take, store and share images.                                    www.iphonemedicalphotography.com

    Softcover| x by y in | 140 pages | ISBN 1505221595

    E-Book | 140 pages | ASIN: B00QRX12AQ

    Available NOW in paperback and ebook from:

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    iPhone Medical Photography

    Everything you need to know to get quick answers and reduce doctorPageOnlyAW visits.

    A guide to using iPhone cameras for medical photography. Relevant both for patients and medical professionals, this book looks at how iPhone photography can help in diagnosis and during treatment. It includes detailed practical tips on how to take medical photos correctly, helping save time and money.

    Own an iPhone? Then you have in your hands a fantastic tool that can take high quality medical photos, share them in seconds and get you answers fast. But in order to produce pictures that can be used for reliable diagnosis, your phone needs just a little help from you.

    Combining easy-to-understand explanations and simple practical tips, this book shows you how to take photos that capture the relevant information in a wide range of different scenarios. Images and videos that show the doctor the full story can be hugely valuable in speeding up diagnosis in a wide range of conditions – if you know how to get it right.

    From skin conditions to child development and emergency care to joint problems, iPhone Medical Photography shows you exactly what to do and explains why it’s not enough to simply point and shoot.

    Topics include:

    • Why photos can help doctors even when you’re able to meet face-to-face.
    • The medically-approved way to pose patients for different types of shots.
    • What to include in each photo – and what to take out.
    • How to capture images that help doctors focus on what matters most.
    • What to consider when storing and sending medical photos.

    Apply the knowledge given here, and you’ll be able to use your own photos to speed up communication and save time and money.

    There is also a useful discussion for doctors on how to incorporate iPhone photography into medical practice.

    The techniques are easy both to learn and use, making this a valuable resource for patients, doctors and first responders alike.

    About the Author

    ZameelportraiteFinalRGBZameel Panthakkalakath is a healthcare entrepreneur and consultant committed to improving the patient experience through innovative healthcare delivery.

    Having gained practical experience as a medical doctor earlier in his career, his focus is now on finding ways for healthcare services to improve efficiency and cut waste. He believes smartphone medical photography has a key role to play in this, as one of the many elements in emerging mobile health technologies.

    He’s keen to share knowledge and help both patients and doctors make the most of the potential of smartphone photography for improved healthcare.

    Available NOW in paperback and ebook from:

    iBooks | Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

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