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    Death By Night, a crime/thriller by Elijah Cainaan, is due to be released on February 25th 2015.


    Two life long friends Dr.Michael J. Jarret & Attorney Greg Pulaski meet in a steakhouse restaurant in New York City, to discuss their plans to go mountain climbing so Dr. Jarret thinks. Only to find out that Greg has an alternative motive for going there. Greg’s compelling argument persuades Dr. Jarret to agree to accompany him. Then they were on their way, only to be never heard from again.

    SmashwordsThree months later, Rob Thompson and Joseph Ming, two childhood friends and eager newspaper reporters, solved two of New York’s biggest cases, which caused the boss of the Chinese mafia to put a bounty on their heads.

    After refusing FBI protection on the behalf of their boss Mr. Briggs they were sent on an assignment out of town to dig up any information on the two native New Yorker’s disappearances while vacationing in Montana.

    Arriving in Montana without luggage, Rob and joseph meet and teams up with Monique Waters to assist them. Monique contacts her good friend, Ms. Mitchell, a local private detective who would take on anything that meets her investigative qualities. On their adventure, what they thought, the assignment was going to be a fairly simple task, became more and more complex. After leaving a scene where a little girl was abducted; Misty got a lead that a person witnessed an abduction in Billings, Montana. While trying to find leads, they encountered a unique night stalker unlike either of them has ever seen.

    Elijah Cainaan:

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    The Book will be Available From Amazon and other online retailers at the end of February.

    If you would like an ADVANCE copy of ‘Death By Night’ to read, review or feature, please contact Kris Barnes of Authoramp.

    Elijah also available for interviews and guest blogging


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