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    You lucky people… this week we have not one, but TWO excellent children’s illustrated books to share with you…

    The first one is ‘Dad the Dog and the Evil Scientist’ by Ian Webster…

    Screenshot 2014-12-17 23.21.24Welcome to a world where the mayor is chosen from a tombola at the island’s fair, wind turbines are tuned to play classical music as they turn and taxis are zoomed around the island by racing drivers. A brave nine-year-old girl and her special canine companion must undertake the most daring heist in the island’s history and do battle with the evil Dr Ooodleboodledoo in order to save the world as we know it. Oh yes and watch out for the poo flinging monkeys . . . This is a story of intrigue, drama, suspense and lots of silliness.

    Available NOW as an ebook from Amazon:

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    About the Author

    Ian Webster lives in West Sussex and his firework thinking is kept under control by his wife and two daughters (even the cat is female). His career so far has included designing swoopy cars, scIan Webster imageulptural loudspeakers and now writing stories that launch from his vivid imagination. He likes real ale, real people and really, really fast cars – and pie. He dislikes insincerity, negativity and the colour green. His favourite words are ‘What if’ and his favourite colour is happy. His dream is to build a large round house with a grass roof and a room for viewing the stars.

    Available NOW as an ebook from Amazon:

    Kindle | Kindle Fire


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