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    Radical… Subversive… The World as Seen by Your Mobile…

    (Magical… Submissive… The Worms as Sewn by Tourist Moguls…)

    Advertising whizz and witty wordsmith Hugh Kellett brings you ‘Glitzch! How predictive text plays havoc with British History’.

    A fun, small, illustrated gift book – perfect for Christmas 🙂

    This is Britain rewritten in predictive text

    A satirical, subversive and radical look at the history of Britain through the screen of a mobile phone and its predictive text gremlin.

    So let’s honour our majestic Queer Vicar and the Right Honourable Primary Monster, meet Floral Nightgown and Sir Waiter Takeaway, bow down before the Archaic Bison of Canter and give thanks for the Notional Death Device*; this is an extensive love letter (or rather text message) to this land we call home.

    * Queen Victoria, Prime Minister, Florence Nightingale, Sir Walter Raleigh, Archbishop of Canterbury, National Health Service.

    About the Authorunnamed (3) - Copy

    Hugh Kellett studied languages at Oxford and has been playing around with words in London advertising agencies most of his life, most recently at international agency Publicis in London, where he was involved with TV, press, radio, poster and social media campaigns in many sectors from beer to beauty, food to financial, technology to travel.

    Changes to the way we communicate with each other, the increasing role of technology in driving those changes and the startling unforeseen side effects of that technology are all topics that struck him as worthy of this deep and serious study.

    Available NOW in paperback and ebook from:

    Amazon and online retailers| Bene Factum | All good bookshops

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    “Glitzch! USA: How America Was First to Put a ‘Man on the Moose’…and Other Way Predictive Text Plays Havoc with History” is also OUT NOW!

     VIEW: Glitzch! Press Release


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