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    Yelena Parker, an experienced expat and technology industry executive, has released the ultimate expat guide for women on moving, living and working abroad entitled ’Moving Without Shaking’.

    Packed with invaluable advice and success stories, this expat guide-book will take you through every aspect of expat life, helping you answer questions such as “What do I need to do to brave leaving home and leap into life abroad?”

    Our experiences when visiting foreign destinations form around four distinctly different mindsets: a tourist, a student, an expat and a transplant,” says Parker. “The highest degree of culture shock you experience is when your mindset doesn’t match your relocation goals… Moving Without Shaking argues that a transplant mode is the most productive one for dealing with your short and long term stays abroad. This mindset makes you absorb the culture shock, whether it’s language, weather, food, or local customs, and it gets you to jump in with all yourheart.”

    “The most successful moves have a purpose,” the author continues. “Travelling is what you do to change scenery. Relocation abroad is what you do to fulfill yourself.”

    Moving Without Shaking breaks down the 8 major factors that affect a move with what to expect, advice, and personal stories, including Languages, Career Changes, Cultural Adaptation,Relationships and Attitude.

    Expats are not just CEOs, millionaire retirees, diplomats, and offshore investors. Yelena highlights that they are everyday professionals, students, and travel enthusiasts.

    Moving Without Shaking is available as an ebook and in print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google, Sony, Samsung, and Blio.

    About the author

    Yelena Parker is a serial expat having lived and worked in 5 countries:0bac3fe Ukraine, the US, Switzerland, Tanzania and the UK, where she is now based. 

Yelena’s core business expertise is with technology companies both global, including Cisco, VeriSign and Symantec, and private equity backed growth companies, working in the areas of commercial, sales operations and customer success. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford University, Saïd Business School and an MBA from San Jose State University in California.

    She has written a book, Moving Without Shaking, about expat success to help women move abroad to move up. Yelena also coachesand mentors people focused on building international careers.

    If you would like a copy of ‘Moving Without Shaking’ to read, review or feature, please contact Kris Barnes of Authoramp.

    Yelena Parker is also available for interview and guest blogging



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