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    We always get asked if we deal with non-fiction books… the answer is a huge YES!

    At Authoramp we are extremely lucky to work with so many interesting people on  a huge range of exciting books. From religious texts to self-help books, from memoirs to dieting, we have worked on a large variety of non-fiction books.

    We absolutely love working on non-fiction book marketing and helping our non-fiction writers expand their online presence, increase exposure and generate more sales.

    We achieve this via a mixture of digital PR, social media marketing, blogger outreach, media coverage and book reviews.

    Recently we have placed guest blogs and interviews for our non-fiction authors on Forbes, Huffington Post, Pick The Brain, The Times of Israel, Out Magazine, Cat World, Female First and many more excellent blogs, websites and media outlets.

    So whatever the subject, niche or genre of your non-fiction book, we will find you coverage!

    We’ve got reviews in Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly and the Wall Street Journal.

    We believe in helping to create valuable content. Content that is shareable. Content that helps our non-fiction authors become experts in their field, leaders, achieving authority status and increasing exposure. This can only help enhance their online presence, and encourage sales.

    If you’re a non-fiction author and writer, and are in need of some marketing, promotion and PR assistance, then please get in touch…


2 Responses to Book Marketing: Non-Fiction? No Problem!

  • janet S Rogers wrote on December 8, 2014 at 9:52 // Reply

    My autobiography Surviving Strangers now who’s the Div? By Janet S Rogers is published on create space as a hard copy and on kindle as an E. I am looking at making it audio too, couldn’t get a mainstream publisher to take it on because of it being memoir/ non fiction. So it has faired quite well world wide, selling maybe 150 copies.The reviews have all been amazingly positive and with 100 per cent of readers saying they can’t put it down . I need help marketing it and am looking for a marketing company willing to take it on ‘as is’ I have re-edited it and retitled it roughly two years ago. I am happy with it as it is and so are my readers. It works as it is but just needs promotion to get it out in the wider world.

    • Kris Barnes wrote on December 9, 2014 at 7:09 // Reply

      Hi Janet, I emailed you this morning, did you receive it? Kris


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