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    The new fantasy novel from independent publisher Urbane Publications and author Arpan Panicker, Wordscapist: the Myth is the first in a planned contemporary fantasy tetralogy and is set in our world today. It is based on the simple concept that words can shape reality. Aimed squarely at fantasy fans looking for something a little ore challenging than the spate of vampire and werewolf books, it uses words as the ultimate weapon and mixes history and culture to stunning effect.

    Urbane Publications Ltd

    Wordcapist – ASIN: B00KTDHJM0 – published May 2014

    £3.99, epub & mobi, 320pp

    Wordscapist (n): A legendary wordsmith, usually assumed to be male, who is rumoured to be able to shape reality to his words. Limitless in his powers, and not aligned with the Guild or the Free Word. No proof or evidence of his existence has ever been found. First known usage circa 16th century.

    Everything you say is true… somewhere. But for Slick the notion of what is true is becoming very blurred indeed. He always knew the world was one of constant change. He just didn’t expect that change to include witnessing a demon tearing off the head of a stranger. That’s the kind of change that could lead to hearing voices in your head. Which is also happening rather too frequently for Slick’s liking.

    But that’s what happens when you’re thrown headlong into the world of wordsmiths, where simple words can shape and reshape reality, and the legend of the Wordscapist becomes more than just an urban myth. Slick must discover the Way of the Word if he is to shape a new reality and discover his true destiny……Buckle up. Hang on. And yes, careful what you say. Everything you say is true…becomes true…somewhere.

    About the Author


    Arpan Panicker is an enthusiast—whether it’s travelling, food, gadgets, movies, motorbikes, theater or animals. As a rather sick child, he found solace in reading everything he could get his hands on. His favourite author and inspiration is (and will always be) Terry Pratchet. After experimenting with careers in journalism, copywriting, and event management, he settled in the Learning and Development field, which satisfied his need to write, be creative, and keep up with the latest technology.

    ​When Arpan was rather young, he discovered that he had a way with words. After winning writing and poetry contests, he began imagining a life where his words could do a lot more, and that was the beginning of world of the Wordscapist. His wife and he currently work together as learning consultants in Pune, India with their very dog-like cat.

    For more information about WORDSCAPIST please visit http://urbanepublications.com


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