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    The debut novel from indie publisher Urbane Publications and bestselling business author Simon Pont, Remember to Breathe is a rom-com and rites of passage story, a tale of taking on life in your late twenties, that time when you think you know everything, but slowly come to appreciate you know little to nothing. But more eternally, Remember to Breathe is the story of a guy who thinks he has it all, with “the city” providing atmospheric backdrop.

    Urbane Publications Ltd

    Remember to Breathe – 978-1909273009

    £7.99, pbk, 320pp

    Remember to Breathe is Bridget Jones from the other side of the gender divide.

    It is the story of Samuel Grant, a story set in London, in the late 90’s, at the Millennium’s turn. Samuel Grant is an archetypal male figure, he is “that guy”, the one you’ll naturally love to hate, and yet can’t help forgive and love just a little – because there’s a little bit of Samuel Grant in all of us.

    Samuel Grant isn’t having any fun. Worse than that, he’s depressed. He loathes his job, has grown a boil, fashioned a Walter Mitty-complex, and his girlfriend has dumped him. That he drove her away only compounds matters. Amongst London’s 8 million residents Samuel possibly accepts he’s not so badly off, but that’s hardly the point when you’re busy self-styling a quarter life crisis. Remember to Breathe follows a 3-act structure, the story moving through different London locations, pop cultural conversations rolling across a canvass of trendster restaurants and be-seen-in-bars.

    Pre-9/11, when people worried about the Millennium Bug and Britney Spears still looked innocent in pig tails, when no one had a Facebook page and Twitter sounded like an insult, Remember to Breathe takes a cheeky look at the soft labours and easy mistakes that befit ‘coming of age’. It’s one man’s search to feel like a hero, while knowing heroes aren’t easy to come by.

    “Somewhere between an edgy Richard Curtis and David Nicholls’ `One Day’ (only I’d volunteer better written), `Remember to Breathe’ is very smart, funny, and provocative. It’s a polemic – about relationships; the gender divide; what men really think and feel about women. Golly! The main protagonist, Samuel Grant, is a young man of the 90’s, a (by)product of his time, and London serves as backdrop to his nursing of broken heart, bruised ego, and (a form of) rites of passage awakening. Will you like Samuel? Will you hate him? You’ll very likely do both, and you’ll laugh with him AND at him along the way. This is great stuff from Simon Pont, a talented wordsmith who writes with pace, and demonstrates a genuine ear for punchy dialogue. A fine novel.”

    The book is supported by a number of unique and exciting media elements including an original short film, an interactive questionnaire, a YouTube channel, a Spotify playlist and a LoveFilm channel. These are all collected on the website www.areyouasamuelgrant.com which has just been awarded a Valuable Content award for its unique take on content marketing. The short film is also currently being developed into a longer version for entry in the BAFTA short film category

    About the Author

    Simon Pont is a writer, commentator and brand-builder. His agency career includes being part of Saatchi & Saatchi and Naked Communications, the pioneers of Communications Planning. Hollywood movie studios, Icelandic investment banks, British chocolate bars and Middle Eastern airlines figure amongst his time on the inside of Adland. Simon is the Chief Strategy Officer at agency network Vizeum, and an EACA Effies judge. Simon is the author of ‘The Better Mousetrap: Brand Invention in a Media Democracy’ and ‘Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything’, both published by Kogan Page. Remember to Breathe is Simon’s first novel.

    For more information about REMEMBER TO BREATHE, please visit http://urbanepublications.com or www.areyouasamuelgrant.com.


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