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    The Calling – the exciting sequel to Rainharrow, by Leeds based spirit-writer Morwenna Holman, has now been published with all proceeds going to Morley Cat rescue and Torre Argentine rescue.  Morwenna writes her books as a medium whilst talking to spirits, more info here.

    It is available from FeedARead now and will soon be available on Amazon.  Morley Cat rescue will also have some for sale.

    In this sequel to Rainharrow we follow the devastation that the tragic suicides of Edwin and Cathy bring to the lives of all who knew them.the calling (1)

    Wallowing in the terrible loss of his wife Paul Easton tried to find some sort of comfort in the arms of another woman but he cannot offer Sally the love she craves and so she leaves, forcing Paul back down into the abyss of depression.

    But one good thing was saved when the lovers built their funeral pyre and that thing – the beautiful and spirited Cathy –  has the Calling bestowed on her to right the wrongs her mother left behind and bring harmony where, at present, only chaos dwells.

    But Paul is stubborn and used to the sorrow he lives with and she is not an element of his life he wishes to let go of but the arrival of his young son after Sally dies forces his hand.

    Slowly, gradually Paul starts to interact with his surroundings and the people in it. And Rainharrow to him is the pits of Hades that he thinks he will never have to set foot in but the Calling has other plans for them all and nobody and nothing will stand in her way until she has achieved her goal…the joining together of the Eastons and Grimstones in pure love.

    Purchase Morwenna Holman’s other novels Westerdale, Heaton and Rainharrow (of which The Calling is the sequel) here.


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