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    Today we have been talking to F L Darbyshire, a Yorkshire based writer who recently released a YA novel ‘Even Angels Fall’.

    Hi Fay, thanks for talking to us today. What is ‘Even Angels Fall’ about?

    ‘Even Angels Fall’ follows the story of Abbey Miller, an 18 year old girl who has recently moved to Leeds with her family following the loss of her twin brother. Due to the grief she feels and all of the emotional turmoil in her life, she finds it hard to cope, until she meets a new set of friends who have a completely different outlook on life. They bring her a sense of freedom and she quickly becomes involved in their carefree world of hard partying and drug use, but it eventually leads to even more trouble and ignites a series of events that could end in tragedy for everyone involved.

    Is the book part of a series and are you planning a follow-up?

    No, it isn’t part of any series and there won’t be a follow up. I have plenty of ideas for potential future projects, but the next book I work on won’t involve the same story or characters.

    Where did you get the inspiration for ‘Even Angels Fall’?

    I have always enjoyed reading as well as creative writing and the stories that always stuck with me the most were the ones that tackled hard hitting themes of loss and heartache while including moments of love, happiness and humour at the same time. Everyone goes through life experiencing all of these emotions and although Abbey’s story may be fairly extreme in places, some of the difficulties that she goes through and what she has to face can be relatable to most people in some way. She has a difficult time and makes many mistakes, but she still falls in love, cares for her family and values her friends. The drama that comes across is all down to her situation and how she handles it and I enjoy stories that have an impact and leave the reader wondering what they would do if they were in the same situation and faced with the same struggle.

    Who is the novel targeted at?

    ‘Even Angels Fall’ is a young/new adult novel, which I believe is targeted mainly at people between the age of 18-30, and as the majority of the story is told from Abbey’s perspective, it will perhaps appeal more to girls.

    When did you start writing books?

    I have always had an interest in creative writing, whether it was short stories, poetry or screen plays, but recently I felt like I wanted a new challenge and decided to develop this story from a screen play format into a novel at the end of 2013. I love how a book or poem or a piece of writing can affect an audience in different ways, whether it moves them, makes them question something differently or just simply entertains.

    Which authors inspire your writing?

    I grew up reading Stephen King novels and absolutely love his work, he is beautifully descriptive and an incredibly engaging writer.

    Where can people buy your book? 

    ‘Even Angels Fall’ is out now and available to buy online at amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.


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  • Janelle wrote on November 24, 2014 at 3:25 // Reply

    Sounds like an interesting story. Although it may lend more toward the new adult category (18+) since YA is mostly for readers 14-18.


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