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    Being Someone: Alluring Novel Spans Two Continents, to Explore Longings & Frustrations of Love.

    Recently presented at the Stoke Newington literary festival, Adrian Harvey’s ‘Being Someone’ grips readers with a very real and honest depiction of modern relationships. Readers will discover plenty about their own lives as they follow the young protagonists who challenge the common perceptions and conceptions of ‘perfect’ love.


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    United Kingdom – While love has been a staple ingredient in literature for generations, it is often depicted with fairy-tale inaccuracy. However, a compelling new novel by Adrian Harvey puts real-world love under the spotlight, as its conventions and 9781909273092complexities are explored with vivid aplomb.

    ‘Being Someone’ embroils readers in that heart-wrenching search for perfect love; something many believe they have found yet a feeling few will ever master. Tugging at the heartstrings from all directions, Harvey’s narrative melds a story for one man’s harmony with a real-world examination of passion and desire, and how men and women truly interact when hearts and happiness are on the line.


    Being Someone is a life story, a love story, a human story

    James has fallen through life, plotting a course of least resistance, taking each day as it comes and waiting for that indefinable ‘something’ to turn up, to give his story meaning. His journey lacks one vital element – a fellow traveller.

    Then he meets Lainey. Confident. Beautiful. Captivating. And James rewrites himself to win her heart. Lainey gives James a reason to grow, paints a bright future, promises the happy ending he has sought so keenly. But when we discover we can live the greatest story of all, are we able to share the pages with someone else?

    Being Someone is an emotive tale of love, of self-discovery and adventure – a story of the eternal search for happiness in another, without ultimately losing ourselves.

    “This really is fiction for real life; it’s incredibly real and the narrative will resonate with anyone who has searched for and experienced love during their life. It’s an intelligent read where narrative voices constantly switch, timelines are disrupted and succinct chapters hit readers boldly. Set in both India and the UK, this adventure knows no boundaries and – like love itself – anything is possible,” explains Harvey.

    Continuing, “Even in a globalised, cross-cultural world there are distinct differences between countries, regions and environments, and it is fascinating to explore how these affect people and their interactions, and how they view the future. In all, I hope it’s an extremely rewarding read.”

    Readers agree. Ruth comments,

    “I raced through this book. It was melancholy and rather lovely. A page turner and a thought provoker and thoroughly compulsive reading.”

    Simon F. Parker adds,

    “This is a book that asks difficult questions about what it means to live a good life. Harvey’s narration creates a sense of doom that almost becomes a character in its own right, a brooding existential deity waiting to punish those who lack the strength to forge their own path in life. The author charges his characters with the original sin of inauthenticity then watches as their failure to choose unravels their relationships.”

    Mark praises the narrative’s ability to reflect reality, writing,

    “This is a modern, existential novel redolent of Camus. The work weaves the characters’ differing perspectives cleverly around the central theme of the imperfections and frailty of human relationships. The characters are believable and flawed as are we all.”

    ‘Being Someone’, published by Urbane, is available now.

    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1nZKb8c.

    Publisher’s official website: http://urbanepublications.com/shop.

    About the Author:AH headshot1

    Since escaping the East Midlands to find his fortune in the big city, ADRIAN HARVEY has combined a career in and around government with trying to see as much of the world as he can. He lives in North London, which he believes to be the finest corner of the world’s greatest city; Being Someone is his first novel. His blogs can be found at http://adrian-harvey.com/ and you can follow him on twitter @ade_harvey.


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