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    We have been working with laughter guru and author Thomas Flindt in the last month or so. His book ‘Happy Lemons – How Laughter Breeds Success‘ is receiving great feedback and reviews.


    In his book, Happy Lemons – How Happiness Breeds Success, Thomas Flindt takes us on an interesting journey examining the roots of laughter and tracing its development over time, as well as diving into its various purposes, and its benefits at work!

    Some comments from readers:

    “What a gem! Told with simplicity, kindness and humor throughout, Thomas Flindt’s, “Happy Lemons” artfully blends science with self-help.” Petra Caruso, Amazon UK.

    “I was delighted to read Happy Lemons. Not only is it a great primer about Laughter in general, Laughter Yoga in particular, but also gives great insights into life and love.” Matti Anttila, Amazon UK.

    “This is a very personal tale of laughter. Using examples from his own life, his experience as a laughter coach and from public life, Thomas Flindt takes us through the meanings and importance of laughter, spiced up with excersizes to follow at home or in company of friends.” Ditte Andreasen, Amazon UK.

    “…his ideas actually make a lot of sense and, when I tried some of the exercises that he suggested, I did feel a little better.” SocialBookshelves.com.

    “I really enjoyed this book, it opens your eyes to a world of possibility, where people can open up their true, laughing self, and become at ease with the world. Thomas shows us that laughing (not merely from humour), can inspire more creativity, efficiency, productivity and of course happiness and wellbeing.”  John Berman, Amazon UK.

    “A stimulating read – and a real source of positivity.” Synamon Mills, Amazon UK.

    “with many examples and some practical exercises, Flindt introduces the reader to both the value of laughter and how to integrate laughter into one’s life. It is a good read and well worth the price.” Stephen McCutchan, Amazon US.

    “We’re so busy being uptight and competing with each other that we don’t take time to just be ourselves and kick back and relax. If readers will pay attention to what this book has to say and take it seriously (irony) then I have no doubt it will have a positive impact on their lives.” Rob Slaven, Amazon US.

    “Wonderful book that makes you happy:-) it gives you great tools to increased livingness! Keep up smiling:-))” Berit Meland, Amazon US.

    “My favorite summer reading this year! What I really love about it is the way Flindt is connecting laughter to the art of being present right now.” Grete Fält-Hansen, Amazon US.

    There are many more positive comments and reviews, this book is a real gem and should be read by everyone. We all need to find our inner laughing selves, as it can have  a positive impact on our health, happiness and our lives.


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