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    At a time when the world of literature risks getting ahead of itself, Realize Ltd and a unique collaboration of world-class authors are storming the scene to get “back to basics” with edge-of-the-seat narratives accompanied by engrossing illustrations.

    There are five books currently on the market, whisking readers from the dangers in Afghanistan to the streets of Chicago, onto the snowy slopes and even onto the high seas for an extraordinary voyage. Realize Ltd’s lineup contains something for everyone, and boundless opportunities for the imagination to lose itself.


    While the adventure genre has been a staple of the literary landscape for generations, readers and critics are currently crying out for material that is wholly-unique and doesn’t succumb to recycling of the “same-old” concepts. Thankfully, Realize Ltd is stepping up to the plate with gusto, releasing an adventure series of books unlike anything currently on the market.

    Their difference is simple; the publisher and its authors are committed to constructing adventures that hark back to the days of classic literature, fusing well-thought-out stories with illustrations that drag readers directly into the middle of the action. If pictures could tell a thousand words, readers of this new collection would be kept busy for a very long time.

    Five books have currently been published (one more currently in production, ‘True North’ is a follow-up to ‘London Blue’). Each is unique and every page oozes with the action and suspense that many feel has been lost to the genre for too long.

    True North ExorcistLondon Blue

    InvinciblePurrfect vs MochaExtreme


    London BlueIt’s Laura’s wish to have her daughter experience a dream that she never could. So, Nikki takes a once in a lifetime opportunity and begins an extraordinary voyage. But, a harrowing sequence of events leaves seventeen year old Nikki and her shipmates battling for survival, and losing. As all hope fades, out of the darkness, a leader emerges… Sequel ‘True North’ to be released soon…

    Exorcist the ApprenticeA routine patrol in Afghanistan comes to a horrifying end when a suicide bomber fulfills his evil destiny. Caught in the blast, young PFC Katie Rodgers may never be the same. Something strange and new seems to envelope her being, but what is it? A power, a curse, or maybe, Katie is just going insane? In the eternal battle between goodness and evil, could God have found a new ally?

    ExtremeIt’s another casual day on the slopes for John David Davenport (J.D. to all his friends), as he tries to master his board. When, suddenly, a strange object appears in the sky. Then a rapid series of events: a crash, an explosion, and a lifeless body. Then, J.D. makes a promise. In his wildest imagination, he could have never dreamed anything like this would ever happen to him. Now he wishes it never did.

    InvincibleWelcome to the mean streets of Chicago where one lone kid is trying to make something of his life. Chris Lee has said no to joining a gang or running drugs. But, growing up without a father and working long hours after school isn’t easy. Things were tough enough already for Chris, when a drive-by shooting changes everything. Before Chris felt helpless, but now he feels something new, something incredible. And he’s determined not to waste it. But, first he wants some answers…

    Purrfect vs. MochaTo Mocha happiness is a frozen coffee drink from Buckcosmos. To Purrfect happiness is constantly pranking Mocha. Fans of the mischievous cat and lovable bear can find their own happiness when they travel along with them on this treasure filled adventure! Purrfect vs. Mocha, who wins, who loses?

    “We’ve worked diligently to buck current literary trends and inject new life into the adventure genre,” explains J.G. Matthews, one of the company’s authors. “For example, ‘London Blue’ is our most eagerly-awaited title and is a very intricate spin on the classic “Swiss Family Robinson” tale – with Somali pirates, hidden gemstones, ancient manuscripts and even encounters with the undead. Conceiving and developing these narratives certainly isn’t easy, and we’ve agonized for hundreds of hours to get it right.”

    Continuing, “But perhaps the biggest difference to our work is the illustrations. We have partnered with renowned and celebrated artists to develop cover and in-page art that almost tells a story of its own. When showing people the books the illustrations get instant attention and we’re proud to be putting them front-and-center. The sad reality is that many modern books lack this visual element. We’re bringing it back!”

    Realize Ltd’s latest release is planned to be its most eclectic to date, as Matthews attests:

    “We’re covering new ground by branching out into the humor genre! Our latest illustrated book features the funny escapades of two frenemies: Purrfect (the cat) and Mocha (the bear). Early feedback has been fantastic and we can’t wait to push these out to the market very soon,” he adds.

    Critics admire the company’s work, braving a nostalgic approach that many new writers wouldn’t dare touch.

    Each existing title is available now on Amazon. For more information and news, visit the official website


    About Realize Ltd:

    Realize Ltd exists for one purpose to deliver gripping entertainment to readers worldwide. Treat yourself to one of our stores and “Escape to the Extraordinary!”

     Contact: J.G. Matthews

    [email protected]


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